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'How many things I have no need of"
- Sokrates, Greek philosopher


General Information on South America

South America can also be considered as a subcontinent of the Americas. South America consists of an area of 17.840.000 square kilometers (6.890.000 sq mi). The population has been estimated at more than 371.090.000. South America ranks fourth in area (after Asia, Africa, North America) and fifth in population (after Asia, Africa, Europe, North America).

Experience South America 

The western part of South America is dominated by the Andes mountains; while the eastern part contains both highland regions and large river basins, such as the Amazon, Paraná, and Orinoco. Most of the continent lies in the tropics. This continent is home to the world’s highest waterfall, largest rainforest, and greatest river. It is a place of extremes: you can find the driest place on Earth (Atacama Desert) and one of the wettest (the Amazon Rainforest) and it contains the world’s highest commercially navigable lake (Lake Titicaca, Peru and Bolivia), and the southernmost permanently inhabited community (Puerto Toro, Chile). South America is the continent of captivating landscapes,  music, cultural treasures and big adventures.

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When traveling to Green Pearls® destinations you can enjoy your vacation, have fun and besides contribute to local communities, wildlife and the environment. Green Pearls® offers green hotels, eco-friendly resorts and beautiful eco-lodges and green accomodations for a sustainable tourism in South America. It is our responsibilty to conserve those wonderful destinations for the next generations. By contributing to sustainable tourism, you can help make the world a little better for yourself and for your children. 

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