Green City Hotels & Eco-Friendly Resorts

Sustainable and Green City Hotels, Worldwide

A green or sustainable city hotel is built in consideration of their environmental impact

Discover beautiful metropolises

Go on a city trip in Europe and and other countries around the world and take in the impressions of the metropolises. Immerse yourself in the historic cities and the large glamorous metropolises worldwide from Milan to Lisbon, from Marrakesh to Bangkok or you discover the German cities from Schwerin to Berlin, from Erlangen to Freiburg.
Let the rhythm of another city take you away. With a stroll around the old town, passing by sidewalk cafés, historical sights and architectural new buildings is the best way to explore a city. You can enjoy food specialties in local cafés and restaurants, while you enjoy the atmosphere made by the inhabitants. Plan a shopping- and sightseeing tour, discover different local weekly markets and flea markets and make use of cultural amenities that these cities have to offer.

City hotels with responsibility

The challenge hotels face today, is to create the smallest possible ecological footprint, to produce the lowest quantity of pollution, to efficiently use the land, compost used materials, recycle it or convert waste-to-energy.
Hotel Milano Scala is an example of what city hotels can do to help protect the impact on the environment- Milan belongs to the third biggest polluted cities in Europe. Hotel Milano Scala is the first Zero Emission Hotel in Italy. More and more city hotels worldwide are aware of their responsibility and are supporting sustainable development.

Green Pearls® recommends city hotels worldwide

Green Pearls® offers you the right city with a great variety of sustainable city hotels, boutique hotels and budget hotels for every occasion. Book one of our green hotels for your next city trip and profit from this sustainable offer to add at least a bit of green to the cities and metropolises worldwide.