Green & Eco-Friendly Vacation Rentals in Europe

Sustainable & Green Vacation Rentals, Europe

Europe is one of the world's seven continents, it is the world's smallest continent regarding surface area.

Europe covers 10.180.000 square kilometres, which is 2% of the earth's surface and about 6,8% of the land area. Fifty countries belong to Europe. Regarding area and population the largest country is Russia, taking up 40% of the continent (the country is situated in both continents of Europe and Asia). The smallest is Vatican City State. Europe has approx. 733 million inhabitants which is 11% of the world's population. Due to its diversity Europe is a bewildering place to travel. Green Initiatives in Europe, a new study, has named Sweden as the most sustainable country in the world regarding sustainable criteria such as carbon footprint, renewable energy, and social commitment. Hotels all over Europe are going this extra mile in implementing sustainable practices. Green Pearls offers eco vacation rentals ans apartments in following destinations: SpainGermany and Austria. More vacation rentals in Europe are coming. Especially for a beach vacation at the sea, accomodations like vacation rentals are perfectly suiteable - after all, Europe attracts with its wide range of beautiful coastal areas between the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

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