10 Reasons to stay at the Timber Hotel Forsthofalm in Austria

A hotel entirely made of wood? It exists, right here with Green Pearls: the Timber Hotel Forsthofalm in Leogang near Salzburg in Austria. Let me convince you of a hotel concept entirely focused on sustainability and wellbeing:


  1. Sustainability

The Timber Hotel Forsthofalm does everything with sustainability in mind: from constructing the hotel using only natural materials (wood, glass, stone), to installing a wood-fired power plant to generate climate neutral heat, they do everything to offer an entirely sustainable holiday experience.


  1. Nature All Around

To get to the Forsthofalm, you have to be a pretty confident driver: it lies at the end of a windy dirt road. If that seems too daunting, you can park your car in Leogang and get the designated (and very capable) Forsthofalm driver to come and pick you up. This goes to show that once you get there, you will be surrounded by nothing but nature, looking out over alpine pastures, far away from the daily grind. Just what the doctor ordered.

  1. The Architecture

No nails, screws or glue were used to construct this architectural beauty. Instead, it is built from 245 tons of solid wood, kept in place by 70,000 pegs. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows allow for beautiful views of the surrounding landscape, all within a modern and contemporary interior design.


  1. The Smell

We are totally serious: this place is great because it smells so good! The scent of stone pine wood, cut at a specific point in time during the moon calendar, is all encompassing from the moment you set foot in the hotel. It is as if you are surrounded by a forest (which you kind of are) where a more natural rhythm determines time. And that brings us swiftly to point number five…

Zimmer 1

  1. Deep Sleep and a Healthy Heart

It is scientifically proven that wood slows down the heart rate, so you’ll feel relaxed just by being in a room made of timber. Rumor has it that you won’t find a better night’s sleep anywhere. You don’t believe me? Read more about this here.

  1. Alpine Wellness, Courtesy of the Herb Fairy

Obviously, there has to be a spa to make this place perfect, and what you’ll find at the Forsthofalm is quite something: a beautiful spa with an organic alpine herb sauna, a Finnish sauna, a salt steam room and a heat bench with a foot bath; and an entirely personal service: spa products, the light and music are specifically put together for your personal spa treatment. Herb Fairy Claudia (no really, that’s what she is!) collects, dries and uses herbs from the pastures around the hotel to produce oils and products used in the spa. We are told that Anita’s sauna infusion is something not to be missed!


  1. The Rooftop Sundeck and Pool

In addition to the spa, the Forsthofalm sports a pool on a rooftop terrace. Sunbathing here is heavenly, and when it gets too hot, jump into the refreshing pool, all the while enjoying the spectacular views oft he surrounding mountains.

  1. Oh The Food…

Produce used in chef Robert Bauer’s show kitchen is sourced locally and organic. He bakes fresh bread every day, vegan cuisine is offered on request and all the grilling is done on an open beech wood grill. Guests are involved in the culinary process, which makes this a unique experience.


  1. The Longtable

The Widauer family believes that connecting with other people makes us happy, and that’s why they created the longtable: once a week guests can dine at the longtable, a huge table that sits a large number of people. You’ll eat, talk, laugh, learn new things and meet new people. What a great idea!


  1. Stuff To Do

Apart from alpine classics like hiking, skiing etc. there are a lot more exciting activities that tickle my fancy, like downhill mountain biking at the Bikepark Leogang. How about it?

Now we are knocking on wood that you will see the wood for the trees after reading this article and checking out the Timber Hotel Forsthofalm!