10 Tips to travel more sustainably in 2015

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to travel more sustainably in 2015, here are our “Top 10 Green Pearls Tips” to help you achieve your goal.

You’re welcome!

1. Fly less

We know it’s obvious, and a hard one to avoid if you are planning a trip around the world. Reducing how much you fly can have a big impact. Flying produces massive amounts of carbon dioxide. Consider travelling closer to home and using trains and buses instead, how about bikes and maybe even your legs?

2. Offset your carbon footprint

If you do fly, which many of us will, offset your carbon footprint. We recommend atmosfair.de and myclimate.org.

3. Research your destination

Use resources like the Green Pearls website, tourism boards and local authorities. Find out what eco-friendly modes of transport are available and if there is a water shortage in the region you are travelling to. Be in the know so you can make informed and sustainable decisions.

4. Choose wisely (meaning sustainably)

Always book accommodation that is committed to acting sustainably, like all of our Green Pearls hotels. Many have a green certification, look out for it and then see tip number 5…

Zeavola GP Hotel

5. Ask Questions

Research local excursion for their sustainable practices, especially when animals are involved; make sure the animals are kept in safe and animal-friendly conditions. Ask hotels what they are doing specifically to guarantee sustainability. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The more people ask, the more tourism providers will take notice. Your hotel can assist you in finding out more information.

6. Sweat the small stuff

It seems like a small thing to use your towel for more than one day, to take a quick shower as opposed to a long one, to turn the lights and air-conditioning off when you leave your hotel room and to bring a reusable water bottle instead of using plastic ones. But if everyone does it, the impact becomes significant.


7. Give back

Volunteer for a good cause: help clean the beach, nurse a stray dog back to health at the animal rescue center or serve lunch at the local school.

8. Go local, local, local

We don’t mean to diss larger travel organizations, many of which pay attention to sustainable practices, but we encourage you to choose the local fisherman who offers a boat tour around the bay, to eat in the locally owned restaurant where regional produce is used. It’s a richer experience for you and you are contributing to a sustainable local economy.


9. Don’t just take

Don’t buy products made from endangered species or rare resources, historical or cultural artifacts. Always ask where the product comes from. And don’t take natural resources like shells, rocks or animal bones home.

10. Inspire!

Tell your friends how you made more sustainable travel choices. Tell them how you did it. They will be so impressed that they will do the same thing next time they choose a trip.

Please leave comments and tell us about your sustainable choices!