4 Great (Green) Moments About Fall

For many, Fall is just the preview of a cold winter coming up – „Fall is the Spring of Winter“.

But there are many reasons to love fall, starting with beautiful sceneries, cozy places to read that book and to indulge in those warm, delicious meals.

At Green Pearls®, we see fall as a time to unwind from a beautiful summer and to sit down and relax. Here is our list of 4 great things about fall.

Gradonna Herbst - 0048 FIN

This fall scene can be found in Kals am Großglockner
at Gradonna ****s Mountain Resort in Austria.

1. Nature shows its colorful beauty

There is no other season, in which nature shows such a diverse color palette. From golden to red leaves to the fresh, blue skies and the crisp air that feels simply refreshing each time. Here are some inspirational scenes, which you definitely will want to transport yourself to immediately.

Landgut A Borsig Herbst

Colorful trees and the warm colored buildings complement each other perfectly
in fall – Landgut Stober right outside Berlin, Germany.

rehlegg herbst

This breathtaking mountain view is right at Berghotel Rehlegg in

2. Warm apple dishes

When it gets colder outside, we all start craving warm foods to keep us happy. And what is there better than a delicious, homemade apple strudel, when it just came out of the oven? If you are still looking for the right recipe, the grandmother of Hotel Stern has got you covered.

landhotel - tiroler wirtshaus

Homemade apple strudel at Familyhotel Stern

3. Fireplaces

A crackling fire has a relaxing effect all on its own. But in combination with a cozy setting and a good book or good company, any evening will be romantic and warm. There are some Green Pearls® members that must have had this specific moment in mind, when creating these wonderful corners in their hotels.

1017 Schindelbruch Kaminzimmer

A place for a comfy evening, with a glass of wine or a cup of tea is a true fall
experience in the Fireplace Room at Nature Resort Schindelbruch.

Inkaterra La Casona Kopie

In Peru at Inkaterra La Casona, the large couch and comfy atmosphere at the
fireplace invite guests to get lost in a good book.

At Hofgut Hafnerleiten, in the “Wiesenhaus”, you have a very own
fireplace in the house for romantic evenings.

4. Olive harvest in Italy

Throughout October and November, it is olive harvest season in Italy. Our Ligurian members L’Adagio and Relais del Maro both are invested in getting this seasons’ worth of olives. Our Green Pearls® ambassador Susie from Oreeko actually created a whole own retreat around this occasion!

Ladagio Olive season

At L’Adagio, you can eat among olive trees and enjoy the nature
around you. 

What is your favorite moment of fall? What meal do you always make when it gets cold outside?