5 Green Wedding Gifts

April showers bring May flowers – and also lots of love! May officially counts as the start for the wedding season. We at the Green Pearls® office will also be celebrating love with our family and friends –  we will be attending 6 weddings in total!

Of course, we are already thinking about the best green wedding gifts for the individual couples. It should be unique, at best extraordinary and of course sustainable! Because there is nothing more beautiful than lasting memories or conscious experiences!

We share our 5 green wedding gift tips for newlyweds, so that you get through the wedding season as well!

An own sauna, just for two – possible at einfach schön. (photo: einfach schön)

1. Time for Two

After all the wedding stress, the newlyweds probably are looking forward to some time for two. At best, this time is spent with wellness! Gift for example a romantic bath in the emperor tub at  Leitlhof in Tyrol, or give a gift certificate for the “Haus am See” with the use of the private sauna at einfach schön near Dresden.

A small tree or plant reminds them of the special day and also of you as a guest. (photo: einfach schön)

2. A tree for the new four walls

A wedding often also means a move into a new place. Gift the wedding couple a small tree for the new garden or a plant for the terrace. This way, the couple always has a memory of their wedding day and can watch the plant grow. Planting a tree is actually a tradition in Thailand: newlyweds show that they are able to support and start a family.

Bride and groom will love an unique photo album! (photo: Hofgut Hafnerleiten)

3. A photo album to remember

There is hardly anything better than memories! Why not collect all your favorite photos with the bride and groom and make a very own memory book! Write a few lines to each photo and remind them of funny, great times together. The couple will debauch in these memories while flipping through the album – and it will create a new memory to last a lifetime!

Cooking classes are not only fun, but you also bring new skills back home with you! (photo: Genießerhotel die Forelle)

4. The way to the heart is through the stomach

Cooking together is always a good idea! It is fun and the result can be eaten immediately! Why not look for a nice accommodation that also offers cooking classes and get a voucher for the class – this way, the couple can book a short weekend getaway at the same time. For example,  Hofgut Hafnerleiten in Bavaria or the Genießerhotel Die Forelle in Kärnten offer cooking classes regularly. An ideal present for cooking enthusiasts or for couples that want to become ones!

Let the farmer next door create some great grocery boxes with fresh ingredients! (photo: Genießerhotel die Forelle)

5. A subscription from the farmer next door

Find out, which farm or market is close by from the soon-to-be married couple. Talk to the farmer in person and put together some small packages for specific dishes. In a timeframe of your choice, the couple can pick up a package with fresh and local ingredients to take home. Of course, you could always add the recipe to go with the package as well!

And what are you gifting this wedding season?