Albergo Diffuso – feeling at home on vacation

Going far away from home, seeing something entirely different and relaxing whilst at the same time feeling at home – this meets the expectation of the perfect vacation. Finding the right balance between feeling like a foreigner and at home is the challenge. In Italy you find a special kind of accommodation offering that experience: the Albergo Diffuso combines the best of both parts. But what does that mean in practice?

Still a hotel or already a home?

„Un pó casa e un pó albergo“, that’s how Elena Scalambrin describes the idea behind the Albergo Diffuso, Relais del Maro in Liguria, meaning „a little bit like home, a little bit like a hotel“. An Albergo Diffuso is not a „normal“ hotel: restored houses all over the town form the hotel altogethera. The Relais del Maro with its 14 rooms and suites is located in the 865-people village Borgomaro. It is the contrary to anonymous vacations  in big hotel complexes. The Albergo Diffuso means you live next door to locals, meeting them and feeling the authentic Italy.

Lovingly and individually decorated

The houses had been lovingly refurbished and decorated in an unique way. All rooms are different, with exposed ceiling beams, or a freestanding tub or even a romantic four-poster bed. Every room is individually adjusted to the old houses while always maintaining high comfort.

Typically Italian: great food and warmth!

The rooms and houses of the Relais del Maro are in 200 Meter walking distance from the main house where the reception, the garden with swimming pool and the restaurant are located. A restaurant? Yes, that’s right. Even though you will feel as if you’re at home, you still don’t need to miss out on some hotel comfort: you can eat the (world’s best!) breakfast with regional dishes in the restaurant, have lunch on the terrace and there will always be a homemade cake to accompany your coffee or tea in the afternoon. All served with the typically Italian hospitality and cordiality!

Albergo Diffuso surrounded by medieval walls

Further in the south of Italy, located in the medieval town Santo Stefano di Sessanio in the Abruzzo region you’ll find the Albergo Diffuso Sextantio. Only 111 people live here and situated 1250 Meters above sealevel it is one of the highest Italian villages. The Sextantio consists of 29 rooms and suites in several old but restored buildings. Old traditions, regional products as well as naturalness were most important while establishing the Sextantio: locally manufactured linen, soap made of olive oil and beeswax, ancient fireplaces and natural colors. The goal was to breathe new life into the small village while keeping the original identity of Santo Stefano di Sessanio.

Get to know the authentic Italy

Just as the Relais del Maro in Liguria, the Sextantio in the Abruzzo region offers guests the opportunity to get to know Italy in an authentic way. Therefor everybody helps with organizing e.g. Italian cooking classes, guided hiking tours, weaving courses and soap making classes. The Sextantio describes the special experience you can make at their Albergo Diffuso like this: „When you will have finished your holiday here, you will think back at the moments spent with us, and we are sure that you will have the impression of having lived in a live museum, but also with the sensation of having been welcomed home by friendly faces.“