Beach Hideaways: Traveling sustainable, even on an island or at the beach!

Island holiday is not really sustainable at the first glance. Everything has to get imported and waste management is challenging. Sometimes beach resorts have no waste management and therefore lots of plastic bottles appear at the beach or in the sea. Even a lot of hideaways, which belong to the luxury segment of the hotel industry, still need a lot improvement, when it comes to sustainability. In our new series, Green Pearls® will showcase special beach hideaways, which lower the impact of the environment without resigning luxury.

Relaxation in harmony with nature

„The only way of doing nothing is – doing nothing“ is the credo of Marari Beach in the South of India. Finding pure relaxation and getting a sense for nature is what the resort has in mind for its guests. You can best start the day with a walk through the beautiful nature and meet butterflies, birds, wild flowers and lotus flowers. Or you can take part in one of the yoga classes or enjoy the resorts’ own Ayurveda centre. Marari Beach offers relaxation in harmony with nature just as the inhabitants of the surrounding fishing village Kerala have done for million of years. Almost all buildings and rooms are constructed in order to achieve more than 90 per cent of total BUA as naturally lit during daytime.

Green Hideaway on the Maldives

Experience pure luxury in the Gili Lankanfushi on the Maldives: rustic villas built in the sea offer a breathtaking view on white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. The silence – and that’s all you hear besides of some lapping of the waves – helps you to forget the sound of the city as well as the trouble of daily life! A special highlight are the eco-tours with the resorts’ own marine biologists. To maintain the beauty of nature for the future, the resort has developed its own guidelines for social and environmental sustainability awareness. Keeping the carbon footprint low, purchasing local and fair trade products and acting in an environment responsible manner for employees and guests.

Beach, palm trees and aloe vera in Curacao

Built on recycled materials, ten years ago, the Morena Eco Resort aims to offer responsible and sustainable but also luxury vacation and is unique in its kind on Curacao. The resort is only a five minutes’ walk away from Jan Thiel beach where you can forget your daily routine while diving, snorkeling, surfing or wake boarding. Adjacent to the resort Curacao’s pristine nature with its mountains, cactuses, palm trees and aloe vera waits to be explored. The resort’s hair and skin products are made of aloe vera and being obtained from a little farm nearby. The pool with its salt electrolysis system is 95 per cent chlorine free. Furthermore Morena supports several environmental initiatives at local schools.