#greenpearlsontour: My Thailand Diary (Part 2)

Last week, I had shared my first two stops in Bangkok and Koh Phi Phi. Afterwards, we headed further to Phuket and at the end to Koh Samui, where we made more great and sustainable impressions.

Off to Phuket to Keemala

During our time discovering Phuket, we travelled to the west coast into the area of Kamala to stay at Keemala for one night.

After entering the majestic entrance arch, you need to head up a small hill to the reception area. From there, we were brought to the Bird’s Nest Pool Villa, where we would be staying one night.

Alone getting there is impressive: you climb up a few stairs through nature and you actually feel like you are walking up into a tree top, where a bird’s nest would be.

For the best sleep that you may ever have: the bed at Keemala.

A dream journey of discovery

At the Bird’s Nest Pool Villa in the living area, the center of attention is definitely the huge bed with a canopy. And let me tell you straight forward now: here I had my deepest and best sleep in I do not know how long! It is very tempting to stay in this cuddly bed all day, but then there are so many other great things to explore…

At Keemala, there is so much to discover!

I can really only recommend to skip the electric buggy service that is offered for once and wander around the property. It feels like walking through a fairytale, with Alice in Wonderland cocoons and much green surroundings. Depending on which villa, you are either part of a larger group of villas, possibly offering some great new connections, or you can be completely private and to yourself.

Who wouldn’t want to take a shower in the morning here?

And can we please take a moment and look at this amazing bathroom that we were able to call ours? The combination of stone and wood is totally up my alley and really breathtaking. It is like your personal wellness oasis. The impulsive scents of the natural bath salt and herbal soak seal the deal. And the spacious outside private pool makes you just want to float away and let go of everything that you have on your mind.

Mala Spa: a great world to relax in.

Our visit to Keemala Spa opened us to a world of luxurious massages and homemade oils. After a detailed pre-consultation about yourself and your body, there are plenty of oils to choose from. There is something for every skin type and preference, which makes it really hard to choose only one. While listening to nature sounds, we indulged in a deep tissue massage, which was so relaxing that – I have to admit it – I actually fell asleep. I think that says it all.

Our many fresh and local ingredients for papaya salad and green curry.

Thai cooking at Keemala

After tasting the healthy and delicious dishes cooked by head chef Poonsak in the evening, we got the chance to learn from him first hand in a private cooking course. He shared his skills with us and we learned about local ingredients and traditional cooking techniques.

Self-made green curry with the help of head chef Poonsak.

In the end, we enjoyed a fresh – and spicy! – papaya salad and a flavorful green curry. It became clear to me, why Keemala’s food is so delicious: fresh, local ingredients and a skilled chef, who simply loves what he does.

Upon our departure, everyone who we had spoken with the past 24 hours met us at the entrance to be sure to say goodbye personally. It was such an amazing, personal touch – like everything during our stay. Once we headed back up the hill to head to our next destination, it felt like we were waking up from a dream.

A great nature scene on the way to Koh Samui.

Hello gorgeous Koh Samui

After a couple of more days on Phuket and in Khao Sok Nationalpark, we headed to our last stop: Koh Samui. We arrived by ferry from the mainland and were able to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. It was one of many sceneries that showed me, how much natural beauty lays in and around Koh Samui.

The Tongsai Bay looks incredibly special at night.

Welcome to The Tongsai Bay

When we arrived at The Tongsai Bay, it was already dark and we got to see everything in such a beautiful night setting. After a warm welcome, we were brought to our Pool Cottage Suite, which we loved instantly after stepping in. The dark wood immediately makes you feel relaxed and I could have looked at the view from the terrace onto the beach and bay for hours.

Of course, we also had a Tongsai Bay signature open air bathtub on our terrace, where fresh flowers stood beside to make your bath a memorable one.

Employees like Pu make The Tongsai Bay a very special place.

The way to a heart is through the stomach

After an evening stroll over the beach, we visited Chef Chom’s Restaurant where we ordered a traditional Thai sample dish for 2. For those, who are interested in trying different Thai dishes, I highly recommend you order this, as it gives you a great taste of many things. Right beside our table, there was a little frog pond; listening to the frogs talk and the waves crashing in the distance – I can not imagine a more natural setting.

In the morning, we got overwhelmed by a vast offer of fresh breakfast options – from different kinds of egg, pancakes, muffins and savory Thai dishes. Our personal highlight: the fresh juices station! There, you will meet Pu, who will prepare some of her favorite juice mixes ahead, but who will be very happy to make any combination you want. We befriended her easily – even though half the time, we did not know what she was saying exactly – but when you meet Pu, your day will definitely start out with much laughter and good moods.

Our Pool Cottage Suite – a great place to simply wind down and relax.

Pure relaxation at The Tongsai Bay

We could not have chosen a better place for our last days in Thailand. Whether it was the loungers on the beach, the small comfy seats at the bar in the sand or our own small little cottage: at Tongsai Bay, there are places for relaxation everywhere.

The in-house Prana Spa accompanies this, of course: with very special herb mixtures, different aspects of body and soul can relax. Here, we entered a whole own world with rose and hibiscus petals and felt completely re-newed afterwards.

At The Tongsai Bay you are part of one big family.

Tongsai Bay: One big family

Upon leaving the Tongsai Bay and saying goodbye, it was like saying goodbye to a family. Everyone had just instantly made us feel at home through their personal service, open hearts and many smiles. At The Tongsai Bay, once you arrive, you are part of this wonderful green and caring family.