How hotels can practize social responsibility

Traveling sustainable is a matter of giving and taking: Ideally experiences and encounters versus possibilities to preserve culture, flora & fauna. We want authentic adventures, therefore we should help to keep the authenticity. Social responsibility can start with little projects start makes a difference.

I will demonstrate you some inspirational initiates from the travel industry, with proven success and who represent a modern way of social engagement.


Living in the Moroccan mountains and experience the life of the Berbers

The Kasbah du Toubkal is located submontane of Jbel Toubkal, the highest mountain of North Africa. The mountain hotel is cooperating closely with the local Berber community. The locals and the hotel guests should profit equally. The Imlil Village Association – financed by five per cent overnight surcharge – is is very committed by supporting local projects and taking social responsibility. A school was built for 80 children from a remote valley, who would not have the chance to get any education. The project „Education for all“ is promoting young disadvantaged women and is giving them the chance to finish school and to apply for university.

Interaktive lunch with local kids and hotel guests



The Zeavola Resort contributes three US Dollar per night and person for a project in cooperation with the local school Baan Laem Tong. The kids belong to the Sea Gipsies, an ethnic minority in Thailand. Each Friday, the resort is preparing and sponsoring lunch and hotel guests are called to actively jin by serving the food and get in interaction with the children. A special experience within the life of a total contrary culture.

Former smugglers are becoming tourist guides


Located in South India, the Spice Village is actively involved in different initiatives, to support its local community and demonstrate social responsibility in a simple but creative way. Former sandalwood smugglers were given bullock carts to take tourists around Cumbum Valley, which is quite successful. Another project is taking an eye on women of very poor families. For now, 20 women are working in the resort’s garden having the opportunity to improve their living conditions.

Tourist sponsorships for homeless cats and dogs

In Tongsai Bay within the pristine nature of Koh Samui, no trees were never dropped. Since its setting 31 years ago, pesticides and fertilizers are forbidden and the aim is to preserve flora and fauna. The resort is supporting several projects for example “Dog Shelters“. Social responsibility includes all creatures: neglected and homeless dogs or cats can escape from a miserable life on the street. Hotel guests can actively join by taking a sponsorship and building a relationship to the animals.