Juist – A Wonderland for Children

Children are enchanted by the “Töwerland” – Frisian for wonderland – on the northern island of Juist. The sustainable-concerned island succeeds in creating a paradise for children. Kids are able to walk and play on the car-free streets, and the number of offered activities for both children and families is huge!

Children love sport and exercise, making a varied children’s program a necessity. Thus, a children’s animation program during all holidays is provided in 2017. In addition, during high season (from May to September), before and after the summer holidays, the island administration offers a regular program for children. This includes a sport program with the Töwerland island run for children, ten and older. Younger children can find several playgrounds on the island. For the island program the word “boredom” is foreign!

The fascination sea is still quite big especially with the little ones. Therefore, beach activities like the summer beach soccer and beach volleyball tournaments are especially popular with children. Here, beach and fun in the sun are combined!

An unparalleled experience for all soccer-loving children is the soccer camp “FußballCamp Juist”! In 2017 it will take during the Easter and summer holidays. Thomas Reichenberger, a former German soccer pro, will accompany the training weeks and give the kids a close up of a training day with soccer professionals. During the fun-filled camp the children will get a real insight of professional training, with tactics and strategy sessions, and can pester the pro about his career. Many times Reichenberger will be supported by another former or maybe even an active pro.

When the air is getting colder, the offer of outdoor activities is nowhere near exhausted. On the contrary! Flying kites is the most fun when the fresh East Frisian wind whistles loud and proud. The two beach areas “Hauptort“ and “Loog“ are specially designated for kite-flying.

Speaking of wind: The island has its own windsurfing and sailing school, children as early as the age of six can participate. Using Optimist sailing dinghies even the very little ones can enjoy sailing. Adults and children alike can enjoy the whistling wind on Juist and glide over the sea.

With its own children’s university “Nachhaltig Leben,“ sustainable life, Juist creates a special link between the climate concerned island and kids. In the past years, lectures for children were offered during both the main and the low season. Here, children are given an understanding of climate change, climate protection and sustainability. In a kid-friendly and fun-filled way children learn the  definition of “Ecological Footprint” or the connection between a mobile phone and climate change. Lectures are held, for example, by professors of the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg. All lectures are free and you don’t even have to register.

Another fun activity for young and old is exploring the island on bikes! Several bike rentals spread throughout the island make this endeavor especially easy. The beaches can also be explored by horse-drawn carriage, particularly with the whole family.