Meet Caspar Poyck

In Green Pearls Ambassadors, a team of experts comes together, who each have already visited one or more “green pearls” and inspire us. We support their ideas and values concerning sustainable tourism and the green lifestyle and will consult them on their expertise regularly.

Interview with Caspar Poyck C.Ht., Digestive Therapist, chef, blogger („The Inquisitive chef“), author and Green Pearls ambassador. Caspar counsels private clients and leads retreats and workshops around the world.
 He works in drug and alcohol addiction treatment centres, is a proud Ambassador of The Foundation for Living Beauty supporting women with cancer and is a public speaker.

Caspar, you were and musician, actor and television producer for 20 years before you went travelling for two years in search for a deeper meaning of life. How do you think can travelling help us to gain this knowledge?

I always love exploring and traveling into hearts, minds and into life itself. I try to learn as much as I possibly can about the way of life in all countries around the world. I discover destinations by trying to see them through the eyes of the locals. I just chat to people, ask them about their spiritual habits and eat with them.

As a chef and Digestive Therapist I am especially interested in observing the ways other cultures connect mind and body. The key to this is food. You can really get to know a culture, its history and the land itself through the food! By consuming it into your body, this brings real knowing and nourishment and it stills our deeper hunger in life: hunger for connection.

After these meals with different cultures all across the world, what were your findings?

Some of the best conversations, feelings of connectedness and spiritual insights happened while I was “breaking bread” with strangers and friends. People whose souls are fed well, don’t need to over-eat. People who digest their emotions well, digest their food the same way. This proved to me that true nourishment comes from more than just the nutrients in your food.

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You are about to publish a book with the working title „Thoughts for Food and Food for Thought“. What is the essence of this approach?

The book talks about how psychology and emotions affect our relationship with food.

We know that stress of all forms affect inflammation, blood pressure and hormone and neurotransmitter secretion. I have developed techniques to approach these health challenges by changing behaviour, perspective, emotional response and even the dining and kitchen environments themselves.

For instance, many people do not realise that just changing the size, shape and colour of your plate can affect your eating behaviour.

The motif on your website says: „Live Well, Love Well, Eat Well, Be Well. Stay Inquisitive“. Could we actually add the slogan „Travel Well“? Do you think that people can do good by travelling?

I am convinced we can, yes. Not only for others but above all for ourselves. As it is with all things in life, it works best if you are truly present!

We need to open our eyes, ears, minds and hearts to experience new cultures and people around us. When we do „strangers“ will become „new friends“ and show us their world. In my opinion this openness and inquisitiveness automatically turns people into conscious travelers.

When we experience that all of us are more alike than different from one another, we grow more compassion and understanding. We remember to be grateful for, respectful to and keen on preserving our beautiful Earth.

Thanks very much Caspar! Our readers will be keen to find out more about you now! Where can they find you?

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