Meet Petra Haubner from Hollightly

Green Pearls ambassadors – All our ambassadors have already visited one or more of our “green pearls” worldwide and identify with our philosophy. We support their ideas and values concerning sustainable tourism and green lifestyle as well and will consult them on their expertise regularly.

This time, we have 7 questions for Petra Haubner from Hollightly, journalist for magazine, radio and television, fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger and one of the „Sustainable Voices“ and ambassadors of Green Pearls. is a green fashion, lifestyle and travel blog. is a green fashion, lifestyle and travel blog.

Your blog “Hollightly” has the claim “Eco Fashion & Lifestyle with a good conscious”. Can you summarize in one tweet, how you came to this special approach?

Wow, in one tweet? That’s hard! I hope that the first sentences do not count yet 😉

The tweet: “My heart beats for animals and nature, I love our planet and I find it too pretty, to simply waste it. Because friends always came around and said that you couldn’t do anything anyway, because everyone produces unfair and one would not know what to do in the jungle – I started the blog to show that stylish and green do fit together after all and are not that difficult to get.”

Okay that was more than a tweet. You probably have to make a cut for Twitter after the first sentence 😉

Hollightly considers itself as a style bible for sustainability fans. Is “Green the new sexy”?

Green is the new black! And: the new sexy! Green rules! And: Green rocks!

I love green fashion and green lifestyle and really think that eco does not have to have anything to do with its image from the 80s and 90s. Ever since “eco” is not seen with a negative connotation, we are away from purple overall wearers and hemp dresses. In green fashion, there are real rockstar labels or vegan stars such as Attila Hiltmann, who focus on organic and healthy.

Or take yourselves, Green Pearls, your eco-hotel members are a dream. This is all so sexy. On the outside, as well as on the inside. Green life also feels sexy. It is healthy and good for the soul. Sometimes, when I enthrall and I do buy a trend piece by a fashion giant, I remotely do not feel as sexy as in my fair made espadrilles.

Petra Haubner, a journalist, blogger and Green Pearls ambassador.
Petra Haubner, a journalist, blogger and Green Pearls ambassador.

You have already seen 25 countries in the world. Which of them was the most sustainable in your opinion and on what do you link it?

Basically, two countries stood out especially.

The first one is Costa Rica. One head of government was very smart and started to focus on education and sustainability early. Instead, he rather abolished the military and put its nature under protection in national parks.

The result is a country with almost the most species density worldwide. I think that is wonderful. This also makes Costa Rica a dream vacation country by the way. The nature is breathtaking.

The second is New Zealand. The only country worldwide – as far as I know – without electricity generated by nuclear power. New Zealand in a whole functions a lot with renewable energies. That is also an absolute role model for me.

Both countries did not necessarily take the short-term easy road, but rather focused on the long-term good solution. I love this mindset and approach. All of us from Europe can take a page from their book!

You were a guest in three “Green Pearls” hotels in Thailand and all implement the sustainability concept in their individual way. Which feature or initiative stuck most with you?

They were all great. Especially Pimalai Resort stayed in our memory – with the clown fish. To see the small adorable creatures and how committed the team fights for the wild clown fish to get a chance in the ocean again was impressive.

Whereby the self-made cleaning agent at Tongsai Bay or the coral regeneration at Zeavola are also great projects. But I fell for Nemo especially. I think, he liked us as well. There is a photo, which I love, where Nemo waves to us from his aquarium. Shortly before he was let off into the direction of the ocean. 😉

Find Nemo at one of the sustainable projects of Green Pearls' hotels.
Find Nemo at one of the sustainable projects of Green Pearls’ hotels.

Your motto is “Live your life as green as possible”. If we transfer this to travel, which specific tips do you have for green vacation?

Of course, it is best to avoid plane travel wherever possible. Especially in Europa and Asia for example, one can focus on trains to get you from A to B and not always take the domestic flights. Then, I always check out Green Pearls to see if you have a member at my destination.

I pay attention to take only a little luggage, to bring less weight onto the plane. One can actually do a carbon offset with frequent flyer miles. So, trees are planted accordingly to the amount of CO2 emission of the own flight to compensate that. I never use the small plastic bottles, but rather bring my own shampoo and I also always try to find small, regional and family led hotels. Those are mostly much more sustainable as large chains.

A very important topic for me: animals. Especially at outings. Too many times animals are not treated well and held badly.

Before I do anything with animals, I research in detail, how they are held and what philosophy the host has.

Over the internet, it is easy to find out before hand. If I do not get a clear, good impression, I rather not do it.

For many years, you have been a vegetarian. What is your favorite green ingredient and how do you like to prepare it best?

Artichokes. They are my absolute favorite. I wash them, then I tie an organic lemon slice to the tips and cook them like that in salt water. To go with it, different dips from hummus to babaganoush to tomato salsa (everything can be made oneself) and a crème fraiche version and freshly baked bread and I am completely

Petra Haubner with eco fashion tips and eco labels on
Petra Haubner with eco fashion tips and eco labels on

We Green Pearls ladies of course are very interested in your fashion tips. Which green label should we definitely look at?

TOMS! You have to look at TOMS! I love their shoes and their whole “one for one” concept. Then I can highly recommend beliya and abury. Great bags that have educational projects in Africa but also in Marocco. Or the shirts from Noble Project. Very casual and edgy. Lillika Eden makes great blazers and dresses. A very young label.

And personally, I could fill my whole closet with things from Isabell. Isabell de Hillerin, who works with Rumanian embroideries and creates workplaces in Rumania for the traditional older women there.

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