Practical tips for female solo travelers to India

“Female Solo Travel” is as popular as never before. No wonder, since you can be more spontaneous, flexible, independent, and open to making new friends when traveling alone. However, women traveling on their own for the first time are skeptical – in particular concerning the safety of specific regions. India is one destination related to those worries. We collected some useful tips for your journey. Being prepared appropriately should encourage women visiting this wonderful country solo.

Tea Lady at Coconut Lagoon
Tea time at Coconut Lagoon © CGH Earth

Inform yourself in advance, respect the local culture

The more you know about a country’s cultural practices beforehand, the better you can adapt to them. An important issue concerning women is clothing: shoulders and legs should be covered in conservative countries such as India. The easiest way doing so is by wearing light cloth pants and traditional Indian tunics. Buying it locally provides you with a great souvenir on top.

A basic rule for your safety, not only when traveling is finding out about and avoiding places known for crime. Moreover, you should learn about the local courtesies and stick to them. It is always helpful to know some words in the native language to socialize and learn about the culture more easily. That way, you can simply emphasize saying no if necessary, or terminate a conversation you are not feeling comfortable with.

Marari Beach Resort
Explore the endless grounds of the Marari Beach Resort © CGH Earth

Travel with a positive attitude

You quickly miss kind gestures and attentions if you suspect threats everywhere and expect foreigners meaning mischief. Being dismissive toward your surroundings makes you automatically tense and insecure. A poor condition– not only for enjoying your journey and encountering others in an unprejudiced manner but also for appearing confidently and communicating clearly.

Generally, you should observe yourself and your surroundings with open eyes and pay attention to body language more than usual, especially your own. Behavior common at homelike touching someone’s arm while talking, might send another signal than intended abroad. A basic principle for your social interaction in a foreign country:being polite and approachable, yet keeping physical distance to prevent misunderstandings.

Garden at SwaSwara
Relaxing break in the garden at SwaSwara © CGH Earth

Enjoy Kerala’s diverse nature

For those traveling India for the first time (alone), the region of Kerala in Southwest Indiais highly recommended. Among the Indian states, Kerala’s social system is one of those most developed. At the same time, the region offers a lot to discover. Kerala is particularly famous for its “Backwaters,” a widely ramified net of waterways, lakes, and lagoons – various nature wonders entertaining you unaccompanied. Coconut Lagoon Resort’s team is on hand with help and advice, no matter if you need ideas for excursions, help with transportation, or have general questions.

Kochkurs Spice Village
Cooking demo at Spice Village © CGH Earth

Be open-minded towards the local culture

The Indian CGH Earth Hotels encourage you, and especially female travelers, to get involved with locals and their traditions. Here, it is easy to get in contact with the people and the everyday life on site: the lifestyle of the tribal village in Thekkady can be discovered in Spice Village where cooking classes are offered teaching you the secrets of the Indian cuisine. Directly at the sea, you can find Marari Beach architecturally inspired by the fishing culture of the surrounding villages. It collaborates with the residents supporting and maintaining traditional handcrafting and the way of living. If you are in the mood for yoga and meditation, you find the perfect spot for recovering your balance at SwaSwara in Gokarna, round 500 kilometers north.

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