Thai cooking out of the box

Have you also fallen in love with Thai cuisine? Those who have tried the delicious Thai dishes during a vacation often bring home their enthusiasm and even pass it on to others. However, cooking the dishes in your own kitchen often proves to be quite difficult due to a lack of the right ingredients. Luckily, there is Konkrua: The beautiful Konkrua cooking boxes contain original recipes and ingredients and make it very easy to cook authentic Thai dishes.

The likeable founder: Pim Ampikitpanich


Pim Ampikitpanich, a native Thai, came up with the idea for her start-up Konkrua during her studies in Stuttgart. Her cooking evenings with friends raised their interest in Thai cuisine and soon she developed the ambition to get even more people enthusiastic about the eating culture of her home country. Konkrua means “someone who likes spending his time in the kitchen” – and the cooking boxes will definitely turn you into someone like this!

Thai originals


Cooking with the Konkrua cooking boxes feels so special due to the original Thai ingredients. These do not only bring the taste of Thailand onto our plates, but also help Pim to give back to her home country, as she could purchase much cheaper ingredients produced in Vietnam. That is how all of the six cooking boxes acquire their unmistakable Thai character. And each of them also has its own personality: be it red Thai Curry, the “spirited grandmother” of the Konkrua family, the “well-behaved, but enthusiastic girl” Tom Kha or the “ganster brother” Pad Thai. A matching recipe and short video tutorials make sure that nothing can go wrong.

A future for a traditional craft


The Konkrua cooking boxes do not only make cooking much easier for you, they also contribute to maintain Thailand’s cultural heritage. During the initial phase of her start-up Pim visited numerous villages and convinced mainly older people, who still knew how to weave bamboo products, to manufacture the boxes for her. Until then, they could hardly live on the money they earned with this kind of work and some, even older Thais, had to work in the fields during the rainy season. Since they are producing the boxes for Pim, they have a regular income and a secure job. And there is need for even more workers, as Konkrua is growing faster than expected. Friends and acquaintances are recruited to meet the increasing demand. While in the past, the younger generation left the villages to work in factories, nowadays more and more locals retrain for this occupation. For, this traditional craft has a future once again.