Trendsetting Sustainable Projects

Have you asked yourself before, how you can contribute to environmental protection or social engagement during vacation? How about supporting an eco-conscious or social project at the destination? Green Pearls® Unique Places and its partners have started sustainable projects to actively support “green” traveling, respect for nature as well as social engagement. Of course, guests are invited to participate. How such a project can look like? Find out more about three impressive examples here:

Clever kids = clever treatment of nature

Morena Social1

The organization Greenkidz  teaches children on Curaçao and shows possibilities to make the island cleaner and healthier. The involved children are encouraged to act as a role model for their peers. The Greenkidz program is interactive and held in the two spoken languages on Curacao: Papiamentu and Dutch. During excursions into nature, the children learn where the native Indians used to live and how they recycled things. During the “green” lessons, alternatives for the use of plastic and recycling on Curacao are demonstrated in a child-friendly way. Furthermore creative workshops take place, where kids can create art from alleged rubbish. All kids are invited to sign a Greenkidz contract to playfully insure to act more conscious regarding the environment. Every year, around 600 students participate in the event “Curaçao Clean-Up” . The foundation is not financially supported by the government, but depends on sponsoring by “green” companies such as Morena Eco Resort. The resort adopted a school and is actively involved in the project. For example, employees participate together with teachers at the arts and crafts lessons for their relevant school. A true investment in the future!

The coral hospital on the Maldives

© Gili Lankanfushi
© Gili Lankanfushi
© Gili Lankanfushi

The fact that the corals on the Maldives are threatened, is no secret. Five-star resort Gili Lankanfushi has brought to life the “Coral Lines project”. Corals are grown on ropes and are transplanted on affected reefs. This method was never applied on the Maldives before. Every rope is equipped with 50 small living coral fragments. Guests of the resort are encouraged to accompany the sea biologists and lend a hand. Moreover, all guests are educated about the risks while diving and snorkeling as well as a sensitivity in dealing with the underwater world . The resort invests donations in current marine research and CSR projects for the locals.

Practical Youth Development 

Familie Renn BurgunderhofImpressionen (1)

Under the patronage of the prime minister of the state of Baden Württemberg, Heiner and Andrea Renn started the Daniel Renn Scholarship Fund on their winery in 1999. The family of winegrowers and owners of the hotel Burgunderhof at Lake Constance connects the fund with the memory of their son Daniel, who was fatally injured in a car accident in 1998 at the age of only 21 years. Supported by the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft (today Inwent), Daniel Renn completed an internship in California with the renowned winemaker Walter Schug. Until today, Walter Schug decisively supports the activities of the Scholarship Fund. The idea of the fund is to give young skilled employees from the wine sector, who would otherwise not have the chance to study abroad to educate themselves further and collect international experiences in the US.


Are you inspired yet? Then start traveling and make a difference 🙂