Zeavola wins "Best Sustainable Hotel Worldwide"!

We are proud and happy: Green Pearls hotel Zeavola in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand just won the World Boutique Hotel Award in London for “Best Sustainable Boutique Hotel Worldwide”! This is extraordinary as this award is the most rigorously judged accolade in this field; the jury has to be convinced during their personal visit to the resort, applicants have to deliver a lot of documentation to support their entry, and of course, the competition is high. General Manager Florian Hallermann is over the moon about this win and expressed his thanks and appreciation to his team for their excellent work.

Blog Bild 2 Florian Hallermann und Mitsuki Konoshita

Picture: Chairman of the A.P.F. Hospitality Group Mitsuki Konoshita (right) celebrates with Zeavola’s General Manager Florian Hallermann during the World Boutique Awards Ceremony in London.

So what makes the Zeavola more sustainable than others? Its location on an island naturally demands the handling of available resources with great care. The resort undertakes various sustainable activities, among them a water reserve system that includes four deep wells and a reverse osmosis plant to minimize unnecessary water consumption at the resort.

Blog Bild 3 Zeavola---Pool-Villa-Suite-Jungle2

Picture: spectacular pool villa with plenty of space and privacy to enjoy the surrounding tropical rainforest.

There are three exceptional projects the Zeavola undertakes in addition to saving energy and minimizing waste. Firstly the Coral Freedom project which focuses on reversing the devastating effects of coral bleaching. So far over 10,000 coral fragments have been replanted around Phi Phi, all regenerated in Zeavola’s coral nursery. For this outstanding effort, the Zeavola was recently granted the PADI Green Star Award. As a green diving resort, the staff at Zeavola also regularly clean up the ocean bed.

Blog Bild 4 Korallenaufzucht

Picture: Zeavola has won several awards for conservation work in its coral nursery.

Secondly there is the rich bird life and biodiversity on the island: there are over 18 bird species around the resort. There are educational signs placed along the pathways on the island. Binoculars and guide books are available for guests. Guided tours with hotel experts are also conducted regularly.

Blog Bild 5 Schulkinder bekommen Mittagessen

Picture: every Friday, kids at the local school look forward to a very special lunch.

Last but not least we love Zeavola’s commitment and support of the local school: every Friday kids can look forward to a delicious lunch cooked by Zeavola’s hotel chef himself. Guests can take part in distributing the yummy meals. This is a really purposful experience that guests will love to remember once they have returned home.

Keep up the good work, Zeavola, we are so proud!