4 Great Moments of Winter

A few weeks ago, I was talking about a colorful fall and now the last season has started: winter. But as gray and dull as some may see winter, scenes like this one at Strandhaus Spreewald make you re-think. There actually are some moments in winter that you can get excited about. Four of them are introduced here:

1. Snow

Yes, it is very controversial. Some love it, some cannot wait until it disappears again. As it comes sooner or later anyways, I decided to learn to love it. And it does have quite some advantages!

Snow landscapes like this one at Hofgut Hafnerleiten are beautiful to look at and invite to slow down.

It is a true nature spectacle, when everything around oneself turns into a white winter wonderland. The streets are closed? Great – then you can finally take some time off for yourself, your significant other and your family. Comfy evenings together, maybe also a hilarious game night in combination with warm drinks – there are many great moments in winter to be created!

And snow simply just belongs into this setting!

A mulled wine is perfect for these cold days.

2. Mulled Wine

In the first article, I already mentioned it: in winter, warm drinks are mandatory! Hofgut Hafnerleiten in Lower Bavaria is not only known for its beautiful snow landscapes around the main house and themed houses, but also for this delicious, warming cider mulled wine. Very easy to make at home:

– 2L cider
– 1L apple juice
– 1 cinnamon stick
– 10 cloves
– 100-200g sugar, according to taste
– 5 apples, cut in cubes

How to make it:
Cook all ingredients together and take out cinnamon stick and cloves before serving.

Familien Landhotel Stern
Skiing or cross country – without snow, there would not be these great winter sports!

3. Winter sports

Without winter, without snow – no winter sports. What surfing and swimming is in the summer, ice-skating and skiing is in the winter. And against all prejudices that you might have read – eco-friendly skiing actually is possible. Read our tips here.

Weissensee in Kärnten
Weissensee in Kärnten is great during the winter for ice-skating enthusiasts.

For ice-skaters and for those, who like to get on the ice sometimes, I can recommend the Weissensee right outside of Geniesserhotel Die Forelle. Because in winter, it completely freezes and a great, natural ice-skating rink develops!

Stitched Panorama
At Naturhotel Waldklause, you can find a great wellness oasis with many possibilites to relax and regenerate.

4. Wellness

Actually, wellness is a good idea in every season. But especially in winter, it is difficult for many people to motivate themselves to get active and go outside.

When it is cold and wet outside – why not head out for a small wellness weekend in a wellness hotel, for example to Austria to Naturhotel Waldklause, warm up and recharge your batteries. None more so than during winter, the sauna is a perfect tool in order to guard against nasty colds and you can relax once more completely before heading into spring all fresh and new.

What is your favorite moment in winter?