5 conscious concepts of sustainable cuisine

Sustainability goes through the stomach? I would subscribe to that, because the Green Pearls® hotels around the world defines sustainability in a culinarily – in a holistic and individual way. Pure organic or consciously regional? Both, please! Because certified organic food is untreated and healthy, regional cuisine is from the community and supports local farmers. And in general, conscious food is key. I perceive the food consumption, without knowing where the ingredients origin from, differently than food that has been prepared together, a market visit with the chef or a personal visit of the on-site herbal garden. When eating becomes an interactive experience, it lasts sustainably in one’s memory.


Sustainable cuisine with natural flavors 

Black Forrest Cake, cheese, honey, Black Forrest ham or Kirsch – the Black Forest region is famous for its delicious specialities. Just talking about makes my mouth get watery! At SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA, chef de cuisine Enrico Ziegler puts focus on seasonal freshness and regional origins. Combined with passion, professionalism and love for details, the outcome are sustainable dishes with natural flavors and colors. 70 per cent of the products at the SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA are bio-certified, preferred saisonal and from traditional produce from the region. Gentle converting is treated as an obligation towards guests, who are always welcome to have a look through the kitchen to learn more about conscious food.


Eingedeckte Festtafel


A paradise for pigs…. 

Berghotel Rehlegg helping pigs to live a wonderful life. They spend the whole summer on grassland in the mountains with aromatic flowers and lush gras. Wellness is inclusive: mud to wallow in. The “Black Alppig” was re-introduced by the hotel to the farmers of the region. But the complete package leads the mountain hotel to a star referring sustainability. The dairy produces tasty milk products with origin guaranty, the own juice is made from old, mainly forgotten fruits. The brewery produces regenerative energy and the private roaster is knowing all of his coffee farmers.  Chef Marko Lauerbach believes that food makes you happy, sustainably happy!



Culinary is top priority at HUBERTUS Alpin Lodge & Spa 

“Traubels Speiss”, that’s the name for a special  home evening at HUBERTUS Alpin Lodge & Spa. Every Tuesday and Friday from 7 p.m., hotel guests are invited under the claim “Good taste, good memory” to try honest products from the region. Hand to mouth tastings, refined with bacon, completed with classy spirits. An authentic reverence to the beautiful home of the Allgäuer Alps.

For cooking coach Gabriel Simon-Pinero, also the task of the cooking classes is top priority. It is all about good, healthy food, but also about relaxed and effective use of the own cooking talent. The aim is to preserve healthiness and to reach a sensual mind-set.


Dinner with friends at Hofgut Hafnerleiten 

Let’s sit down at the table! The culinary concept at Hofgut Hafnerleiten is nothing else than the one from a big family at the old times of our grandmas. Guests that have booked half-board, will join together the big family table dining together. It has to be eaten what will be served. There is no menue card, of course allergies will be taken into account. Guests traveling single without having someone to talk to will have a pleasant evening with nice company.


Authentic Indian cuisine to participate in

Spice Village  is a mountain village in South India. A comfortable one. The resort offers many activities with the task to give foreign guests an understanding of authentic life in India. This includes cooking classes that introduce the manifold cuisine of Kerala.  Ethnic food is the most preferable: pickled gherkins, chutneys made of gooseberries, beetroot or mangos. Vegetables such as cabbage, beens, carrots, pumpkins but also fresh herbs are provided by the own organic garden. Local fish comes from the river nearby. Under the claim “The 50 Miles diet”, the other ingredients will be ordered from producers in a radius only from 50 miles, good for the community and the Co2 foot print. Pending on the season, guests are invited to visit the local pepper farm and help with the harvest. The smell of fresh pepper in combination with pure mountain air is priceless.