Sustainable by tradition – Familien Landhotel STERN

Many Green Pearls® partner hotels look back on a long, traditional history. For me, it is always exciting to get to know the history, tradition and development of the properties, which have made the hotels what they are today: unique green pearls. We therefore start a blog series regarding the topic “sustainable by tradition”.

Today, we look behind the historic scenes of Familien Landhotel STERN in Tyrol.


The Familien Landhotel STERN in Obsteig, Austria, is a true role model of sustainability. Based on the four principles “huamelig” (Tyrolian for homey), “erdig” (earthy), “g’schmackig” (tasty) and “gsellig” (social), the hotel encourages naturalness, regionality, protection of the environment and social togetherness. The focus is on unity with nature, the pleasure of seasonal and regional meals, as well as the enjoyment of feeling at home and have a fun time together. The philosophy „I take care of you, you take care of me“ describes the attitude of host family Föger, whose history and tradition can be traced back to 1509. An impressively long time!


First records suggest that the Föger’s have already been hosts back then, but only in 18th century there is prove to verify that the family owned a restaurant at the Fern pass.


The ancestors Franziska and Alois Föger left in 1907 to take over the guesthouse STERN surrounded by the unique nature idyll of Obsteig. The central idea of the former restaurant has always been to meet and chat with others. Ever since, the Föger’s live the responsibility for nature, the people that go in and out of the STERN, as well as the daily used resources. And so it should stay for the next 100 years, as the sustainable values have been passed on from generation to generation.

When mountain holidays became popular, more and more people visited the wonderful landscape at Mieminger Plateau. At this point, a subsequent thank you goes out to the regional tourism pioneers that have managed to maintain the originality and naturalness of the region. Still today, the nature surrounding hotel STERN is breathtakingly beautiful. You can best visit the plateau at sunrise, because even though getting up early is hard – the view and special light is worth every effort.


Since the end of the 80s, Hotel STERN received its current design, which is characterized by an interplay of modern elements, traditional style and regional materials. Pure nature can be discovered outside and in. The modern country house style made by solid larch wood creates a cozy atmosphere, it was consciously decided against the use of paints, lacquers and fixing materials. 

Today’s generation around host René Föger runs the traditional STERN with the same values. STERN was, is and will be closely connected to people and nature. One can immediately feel the personal and familial atmosphere of the sustainable house, where interaction and being together is at focus. Because: “I take care of you and you take care of me”!