Zeavola Leading The Way For Improved Water Quality

Located on Laem Tong beach at Koh Phi Phi, Zeavola Resort offers an unforgettable barefoot luxury experience to travelers from all around the world. You can enjoy a breakfast buffet right on the beach and feel the charm of a traditional Thai village all wrapped up in 5 star luxury. For this special sustainable experience, Zeavola Resort was voted to be the world’s best sustainable hotel at the World Boutique Hotels Awards in 2015. The eco conscious resort includes several sustainability processes into everyday practice. The hotel team has for example just recently completed the annual deep clean of the resort, the beach and surrounding eco system.



One issue that Thailand is facing, the water is not always safe to drink from the tab. The resort has 4 deepwells which are nurtured from the water coming down from the hills on their way to the sea. The resort uses deep wells nurtured by water coming from the hills on their way to the sea, however especially during the dry season the salinity of the water rises due to a lack of fresh water.
The Zeavola community counts up to 300 people that are in need of fresh drinking water. To meet this need, the resort managers made up their mind and came up with a great solution: A new enlarged reverse osmosis system was set up at the resort. A reverse osmosis system – what exactly is that, you ask?
In fact, it is a water purification technology that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove molecules and larger particles from drinking water. The treatment system contains 3 different stages to clear water of biological and chemical remains. Thereby, the reverse osmosis plant provides drinkable water in great volumes.
At Zeavola, the enlarged system leads to less soap and chemicals in the water and thereby has a positive impact on the local ecosystem. Due to the enlarged reverse osmosis system, the resort managed to not take any water from the sea, but to self-produce fresh water for its 150 staff members and around 150 guests. „In total we supply a village of around 300 people with our own eco friendly water” says Florian Hallermann, General Manager of the resort.
In the coming year, an UV filter system will be installed to improve the water quality even further – a wonderful addition to  Zeavola’s biofriendly processes!