How to find the most sustainable hotel

Our contemporary world is full of superlatives. And when we are completely honest here, we all strive for the best of the best. Also when we are traveling…Who doesn’t feel appealed to the cheapest hotel, the most luxurious resort or accommodation closest to the beach?

But how about the category „most sustainable hotel“? An exciting and relevant question in my opinion. For me personally, sustainability has played an increasingly important role for choosing an accommodation. After all, we all take on responsibility for this world, and I certainly do not leave this attitude at home when going on vacation. So, bring it on, which one is the most sustainable hotel?

From this question, some follow up questions arise immediately. Is sustainability measurable and comparable as easily as the aspects of price or distance to the sea? Can a hotel business be 100 per cent sustainable? And is there only one perfect solution to approach the topic? I set out to find the answer, reading through all green initiatives and individual stories of the Green Pearls® hotels. The diversity is breathtaking! Here are 5 little examples I wouldn’t want to withhold.

 Marari Beach10

Sustainable living at Marari Beach Resort, India 

The true India can be experienced within the authentic and eco-friendly constructed Marari Beach Resort. The sustainable architecture reflects the aesthetic of rural life at the fishing village Malaikulam. For the protection of environment and resources, emphasis was placed onto natural lighting and natural ventilation. The cottages were constructed in a way that enables 92,15 per cent natural lightening during daytime. Natural ventilation as well as the efficient insulation by thatched roofs complement the temperature control and avoid heat transfer.

Sustainable Energy at Hotel Niedersachsen 

Or can you find the most sustainable hotel in Germany, the country with a great focus on sustainable energy concepts? At Hotel Niedersachsen on the island of Sylt, up to 50 per cent of the overall energy demand is renewably gained through geothermy and heat pumps. Low-tempered under-floor heatings are used for heating and – by return principle – for cooling in summer. Hotel Niedersachsen uses the power of nature and is proud to gain 100 per cent green electricity from water power.


Culinary sustainability at Biohotel Mohren

Further South, our search takes a culinary twist, for the topic of sustainability also includes regional and organic quality of products. At Biohotel Mohren at Lake Constance, there is exactly that – best bio products, often even from own cultivation and agriculture. Healthy bio beef from Aberdeen Angus Breed, as well as herbs, fruits and vegetables are from own cultivation. The network of local bio business provides bread, salat, eggs, poultry and cheese. Doesn’t your mouth starts watering immediately?

GreenCityHotel klein

Inclusion at Green City Hotel Vauban 

In Freiburg am Breisgau, the topic of sustainable is implemented in a social way. The integrative Green City Hotel Vauban is a social charitable project, where people with disabilities work under fair payment conditions according to the tariff. The employees with mental and physical disabilities are supported with diverse special trainings. An inspiring and support worthy project!


Social commitment at Morena Eco Resort 

Social commitment is also performed in an exemplary way at Morena Eco Resort at the dream island Curacao. Morena sponsors the organization „Boso Kosecho“, to support children from poor families or from families that do not adequately take care of them. Also the project “Green Kidz” or the school „Klein College“ receive monetary support from the resort. The hammocks and cushion covers are received from the company “El Salvador”, which stands up for a better life and equal opportunities for disadvantaged women.

You might have guessed already – finding the most sustainable hotel is a difficult task. But that is the most exciting part about the topic of sustainability in tourism- there is not only one correct green way or one perfect solution to approach the topic.In fact, there are as many approaches to the topic of sustainability as there are hotels, and every single one contributes in its own individual way to shaping tourism in a conscious way. Whether an innovative energy concept, the focus on regionality or a social approach – there are no limits to creativity. The best thing about it is that there is no need to make a compromise of quality – and that truly makes sustainability while the greatest added value of them all! 😉