A Car-Free Day

If you are wondering, why there are fewer cars on the streets today: today is Car Free Day! Once a year, this day is supposed to promote to leave your car in the garage and take public transportation or the bike. Or, if it is a short distance, simply take a walk there.

Thereby, the consciousness concerning thoughtful use of cars is believed to be strengthened and alternatives to be shown, in order to decrease exhaust emissions and noise, as well as promote the environmental thoughts.

Our Green Pearls® members also are very thoughtful concerning alternatives for cars. Thus, they offer quite a range of possibilities how to get around without a car and thereby discover the surroundings in an eco-friendly way.

Hotel Speicher

E-Biking through Schwerin

Off into nature – why not with an e-bike? The electric bikes are perfect for an excursion in Schwerin in Northern Germany. Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee has planned out many bike tours exclusively for their guests. From themed tours such as „Biking to Slow Down“ or „Biking into Green“ to tours with different difficulty levels, all guests will get on the right (bike) track.

Eco Tuk

Eco Tuk Tuk Tours through the City

Especially in bigger cities, there are several alternatives for a car! At Inspira Santa Marta Hotel in Lisbon, you can discover the city in an Eco Tuk Tuk. The Eco tuk Tuk is 100% electric and takes you on a 90 minute ride through the city, where there is a lot to be discovered. It is not only a green alternative, but also a fantastic, special experience. Not long ago, they have also extended their offers and now also have e-bike tours available for those, who rather decide themselves where they want to go!

Gradonna Herbst - 0048 FIN

365 Days of the Year Car-Free

At Gradonna ****s Mountain Resort, every day of the year is a car-free day! Right at arrival, each guest has a parking spot in the underground garage, where it is parked immediately. Because you will not need a car at all: the resort is planned carefully, so that everything is easily reachable by foot. Therefore, you can enjoy the fresh mountain air completely without noise and exhaust gases. Or even better: arrive by train, there is a free shuttle to the train station!

So think about (not only today) which alternatives you may have in your daily life and while visiting a new place. Because being in the fresh air is the best.