Liguria: A Food Lovers’ Dream

Italy is frequently connected with two things: food and welcoming people. Our two Green Pearls in Liguria are the essence of this Italian lifestyle, but in an eco-friendly way. Both Relais del Maro in Borgomaro and L’Adagio in Badalucco are simply any food-lovers’ dream.

An Albergo Diffuso is a hotel that spreads out over several building within a village.

Breakfast at an Albergo Diffuso

As the saying goes: eat breakfast like a king! At Relais del Maro, not one guest will leave the Albergo Diffuso hungry in the morning. The breakfast buffet in the main house is already amazing in selection, but once you find out that all products are organic and local, you will not want to have any other breakfast again.

Breakfast at Relais del Maro is full of variety, regional ingredients and dishes.

Every morning, traditional products from the nearby valleys are offered. Biscotti from Pontedassio, daily freshly baked bread and croissants from Pieve di Teco, focaccia and pizza from “Aunt Bruna”, who has the reputation of being an unbeatable artisan in Borgomaro and homemade cakes by the mother of Relais del Maro.

What guests will not find: preservatives, off-the-counter cheeses and meats or added sugars. The guests’ well-being is top priority and so the owners of Relais del Maro pay much attention to detail and natural ingredients.

Cakes are almost always handmade by Elenas mother.

Elena, the lovely woman behind Relais del Maro, has focused on supporting local farmers and companies, giving her guests an authentic and long-lasting culinary experience.

At L’Adagio, one finds the answer to the question how olive oil is made.

Olive Oil from Liguria

Ever wonder, how olive oil is made? Well, the answer can be found right by L’Adagio. From 6000 olive trees, the olives are harvested and processed in an oil mill. Traditional stone wheels ground the fruits, which are then processed into different olive oils.

Olives are not only used for the production of olive oil.

But the leftovers are not just thrown away: the fruits are again squeezed out as much as they can, which is used for making animal food. Because everything is done with olives! And if that was not enough, the very last leftovers, the nucleus of the olives, are used in the pellet heating system in the farmhouse.

The owner of L’Adagio, Rosella also lays a large focus on educating about organic food. Together with her husband, they talk about the olive oil production and organic foods at their “teaching farm” for students. Explaining the benefits of natural ingredients is close to Rosella’s heart, as it is essential for a happy and healthy life.

Regional and organic foods are a large part of an eco-lifestyle.

By the way: the olive trees are spread over the property of L’Adagio, too. So why not take a nice relaxing walk amidst olive trees and maybe enjoy some espresso and biscotti in the garden?

Is there a more beautiful spot for an espresso than among olive trees?

Liguria: arrive and indulge authentic food

A visit to Liguria is a great opportunity to experience natural ingredients and offers so much to those, who are looking for authentic Italian hospitality. The combination of natural, organic foods as well as regional dishes and products make Liguria a food lovers’ dream destination. Elena and Rosella are waiting for you!