A Dream Villa at Pimalai Resort

A guest blog by Doris Krumm, journalist and blogger at Horizonte Entdecken. Doris Krumm shares her personal experiences from her Green Pearls® Thailand trip.

Dreams become true: a villa at the ocean

Who does not dream of a villa at the ocean? Without the stress of a tiring house purchase, Pimalai Resort & Spa on Koh Lanta in Thailand offers the opportunity to try out a villa with comfort and excellent service.

From the ferry dock, we are picked up by the in-house shuttle. Several locals and tourists are already awaiting us along the streets, armed with buckets and oversized water guns. It is Sonkram time, the water festival. In the hottest season, everyone is splashed with water, for those without water sensitive devices a welcomed cooling off.

With this view onto the ocean, all the stress simply goes away.

121 deluxe rooms, suites, hillside and beach pool villas spread along the huge hotel area in the middle of a bird, squirrel and monkey lived tropical park. My own temporary villa is in a complete Thai style built out of wood and is all the way on the top. The hidden infinity pool terrace and “my” small villa rooms let all the stress disappear. On the right is my decorated sleeping suite with the bath hall – there is no other way to describe the bathtub with the view onto the ocean, the outdoor shower and bath unit. On the other side of the pool is a living room cottage with a kitchen, for those who want to take care of themselves all on their own.

At the 900 meter long beach, guests can relax and unwind.

(Relaxing) Experiences to remember

But that should be difficult, as there are countless activities such as a tennis court, canoeing, sailing, mangrove eco tours and of course diving with the in-house PADI diving base. This afternoon, a water fight takes place at one of the infinity pools, where guests and personnel (including manager!) splash each other – lots of fun!

At the 900 meter long dream beach without disturbing motor boats there are enough shade spots for the descending sun and many swimming and snorkeling possibilities to cool off.

Besides green and relaxing experiences, there are great culinary experiences to be discovered at Pimalai’s restaurants.

During the relaxed happy hour at the pool with yummy cocktails, I start conversations with other guests. Afterwards, we go to the Spice ‘n’ Rice Thai restaurant for the opulent barbeque buffet that leaves nothing to be desired for gourmet lovers! For dessert, the Thai dancers warm up the evening.

At some time late at night, sleepiness overpowers me and I call the villa shuttle. It is great that my sleeping suite has a ceiling ventilator. This way, I can leave the window front open, push the mosquito screen door in front and can sleep relaxed without air conditioning. There are not many resorts, where this is so easy.

My highlight at the breakfast buffet at the Seven Seas Restaurant & Bar is the glass table on a tree stump, which shows a carved herd of elephants. I almost forget all the treats.

The Clownfish rescue project is only one of the many green initiatives Pimalai Resort is dedicated to.

Sustainable Management with Clown Fish

Despite so much beauty, once cannot forget that the environmental pollution in the world is still increasing. That is why it is important to highlight, how Pimalai Resort & Spa lays a focus on sustainability and an environmentally friendly management. For this, it was awarded the Green Planet Award by Kuoni Travel from Switzerland and the Green Leaf Award by the Thai Ministry of Nature Resources and Environment.

Pimalai Resort & Spa is especially known for they Clownfish release project. In cooperation with the Thai Fishery Department, Pimalai Resort helps to protect the fish. Once a year, the bred clownfish are released into the ocean and there have been positive observations that it this reintroducing is being successful!

Because of this, but also due to many other green projects, Pimalai Resort & Spa also became a member of Green Pearls® that represents extraordinary, sustainable hotels and resorts.

Koh Lanta has been mostly spared from mass tourism and there is still a lot to be discovered. But unfortunately, my plane back to Germany is calling. The in-house speedboat brings us to Krabi within an hour. No question – Koh Lanta will see me again!