A Peaceful Hideaway – The Tongsai Bay

A guest blog by Doris Krumm, journalist and blogger at Horizonte Entdecken.

The Tongsai Bay Resort: A Peaceful Hideaway from Koh Samui Bustling

After two months of traveling through Myanmar and Nepal and I needed pure relaxation. And I found it at Tongsai Bay on Koh Samui.

I had just passed the entrance and reached the palace-like reception hall and was excited to find out, how my villa would look like!

In the Tongsai Bay Pool Villa, guests can sleep outside on the terrace. A true paradise.

The villas are aligned along a slope, in a lively tropical park with birds, squirrels and salamanders around the resort’s own bay. With an electric car, I was brought to mine. I had barely closed the wooden door behind me and I immediately felt invited by the huge terrace in my temporary villa with kitchen unit, canopy bed and bathtub to dream with ocean’s view – of course non-visible for others.

Inside, a lovely decorated sleeping-living room with a bath awaits me, everything made out of natural materials. Of course, I had to try out the outdoor canopy bed in the first night. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes crossed my plans even with a mosquito net and so I fled to the safe bed inside.

At Tongsai Bay, there are many ways to relax and indulge.

Experiences in Paradise

In the evenings, I was able to experience the fish barbeque night, including a live dj and the sound of the sea. Thai starters and main courses, as well as freshly caught fish from the barbeque made my mouth water. The extensive dessert buffet with juicy mangos, sticky rice, mousse and cupcakes made counting calories pointless.

To cool off, there are two pools and even more beautiful in the private bay. Instead of motorboats, there are canoes, cat sailors or standing paddlers to try out. As a massage lover, I indulged in an acupuncture Thai massage in the spa. It was not as hard as the Thai massage, but I therefore felt like a new woman.

Waste management is only one of the many green initiatives that The Tongsai Bay supports.

Green Initiatives at Tongsai Bay

The most interesting was the own organic garden, in which herbs and fruit are grown. In order to protect the environment, bug repellent oil and cleaning supplies are made with traditional, natural procedures.

It is amazing that cleaning supplies can be made out of Kaffir Lime and the Taling Pling fruit and lemongrass and chili can be processed to bug repellents. Thus, chemistry is obsolete.

Of course, waste is separated, recycled and carefully disposed. Water only is offered in glass bottles, plastic is avoided almost completely.

These green initiatives are exemplary for Green Pearls members. Like the Tongsai Bay, Green Pearls has an incredible philosophy when it comes to protecting the environment. Traveling green does not have to mean to sacrifice something, but rather making a smart decision concerning the accommodation. This is exactly where Green Pearls helps: showing travelers many, wonderful green travel options worldwide.

Lanscape shot - evening
Not only the evenings at Tongsai Bay are something special.

The highlight on my last night was the open-air movie at the seashore, on which the wonderful film “Can A Song Save Your Life” with Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo was shown. Is there anything more beautiful on a mild summer night?