Travel Tips: India

Our small India tour started with green tourism and went to Ayurveda and Yoga. But what are some tips for the next India trip in general? We asked two India experts from different view points, one experienced travel blogger and Green Pearls® member CGH Earth – and they shared their personal tips for a trip to India!

Hippie in Heels: a Travel Blogger in India

hippie in heels rachel


Hippie in Heels is Rachel – an American who followed her wanderlust to many places, such as India and found the love of her life in the colorful country. She now lives there and shares her India experiences and other travel stories on her travel blog


Her (possible) favorite city: Udaipur, Rajasthan – While it is difficult to name a favorite city, Rachel loves „India’s Venice“. Colorful turbans, the lake palace floats and tasty spicy foods all can be experienced in Udaipur.

Take in the culture here, as it’s a pilgrimage spot for Hindus and ceremonies take place at the Ghats every day.

Her personal tip: Indian people are so friendly, but they are shy. While the Indian businessman probably spends a half a year abroad, the locals on trains and busses will be curious: „You absolutely can try to talk to them on trains and busses, and most times they will be happy to do so. (…) They might stare sometimes, but it’s just curiosity and isn’t as rude in their culture.“

Rachel from Hippie in Heels also definitely recommends to experience the culinary side of India.

Her probably most important India tip is to travel to India at the correct time. Two monsoons hit India at different places and some places such as Taj will be packed in peak season. In general, India’s season is October to March. It is best to figure out beforehand, which area in India you want to see and then inform yourself ahead of time, which season is best for that specific area.

CGH Earth’s Spice Village is one of the CGH Earth hotels that are located in Kerala.

CGH Earth: Green Hotels in India

CGH Earth is a family owned enterprise creating hotels that are respectful towards nature and local ethos. Three of CGH Earth hotels, Spice Village, Coconut Lagoon, Marari Beach are Green Pearls® members.

CGH Earth’s Spice Village, Marari Beach and Coconut Lagoon are all located in Kerala, a state in the south-west region of India on the Malabar coast and is a popular destination for travelers. Kerala lays between the Lakshadweep sea and the Western Ghats, offering varied demographics.

Nature lovers have endless possibilities for hiking and discovering in the Western Ghats that start at 3000ft height and reach over 8000ft!

Especially the beaches in Kerala, India are a wonderful destination.

With 55km coastline along the Arabian Sea, the beaches in Kerala are special. From north to south, the beaches have forts to flat lands and rocky shores. All beaches offer coconut trees and clear blue water, making it a paradise to visit when in India.

The area of Kerala is also known for backwaters that interconnect brackish water, lakes, rivers and canals. Towns along the waters host backwater cruises in houseboats that are small cottages, offering an authentic accommodation experience.

India is also a great destination for Yoga and Ayurveda

India is also a great destination for Ayurvedic treatments or yoga seminars; because at what other place can you do the sun salute and go through a detox than in the country that has had it as part of their tradition for over 4000 years?

At CGH Earth, there is a variety of culinary experiences.

Culinary Discoveries: Mangos

India offers lots of options for culinary enthusiasts, one of them: mangos! Mango season, which is from April for four months offers a great local seasonal flavor, not only at CGH Earth. The juicy yellow fruit is enjoyable in many different ways and is found almost at each CGH Earth location.

Thinly sliced mangos, seasoned with salt und paprika and sun-dried for about a week, they make a great side with rice meals.

Freshly cut mangos are offered for breakfast, while ripe ones are used for delicious desserts and fresh juices.

India is multifaceted, exciting and full of life. What is your personal India travel tip?