I Pack My Bag… Animal Cruelty Free!

Our travel destination today is the wonderful Tongsai Bay on Koh Samui, where the protection of animals and nature is a primary focus.

If you would interview a pink-necked green pigeon that lives there, it would sound something like this:

There is a lot of room here, which can be shared with following animals. And it is safe.
People leave us alone and there is a large selection food that is not poisoned.
I learned one important thing here: we can share the living space with humans peacefully…

What do you do as a vacationer? Animal protection already starts with packing the bags. That is why we show you classic products for a vacation that are produced without animal testing.

What actually are cruelty-free products?

Products are cruelty-free, when they are produced completely without animal testing. It is a very complex subject, where every country has their own laws and jurisdiction.
To list all of them would be a topic on its own, but more information can be found here and here. Animal rights group PETA has compiled a huge list of brands that do without animal testing.

Products without animal testing: how to travel sustainable

Everything begins with the bag. It is not too easy to find something, where everything fits in and where no animal was harmed or lost its life for. But one finally makes a find at the Portuguese brand Marla Pais: the natural, recyclable bags are made out of cork that are leftovers from tree bark, which falls off every nine years.

Brands such as Umasan, Stella McCartney, People Tree or here We Are Handsome show, how eco fashion can make it to the runway.

Good-Bye “Boring Eco”, Hello “Eco Fashion”

First, the most important things: clothes. Does clothing exist that is eco and therefore without animal testing? Of course! And the best thing: we are not talking about eco-chic, but about stylish and trendy fashion, as brands prove. Because just as with eco travel, more and more fashion brands also focus on sustainability and cruelty-free concepts.

Designer Pieces from Natural Fibers

At first glance, one cannot see a difference between a vegan blouse made with bamboo fibers and a silk blouse. It also drops smoothly, but no silkworm was killed for its production. Umasan, a Berlin label, has recently shown its new designs at Berlin Fashion Week and well-known designers such as Stella McCartney create fashion without animals. Fashion by People Tree is also a great ambassador of eco-fashion free of animal cruelty: from dresses, t-shirts and men’s wear there is everything and even fair trade!

Green Pearls ambassador and blogger Petra from Hollightly discovered beautiful fashion on the eco fashion fair Innatex (Photo: Petra Haubner)

So it is absolutely possible to produce cruelty-free, without passing up on style or current trends! Our Green Pearls ambassador Petra from Hollightly proves this, when she visited Innatex recently, a sustainable fashion fair, looking for eco fashion trends. She found wonderful things.

We Are Handsome offers stylish bikinis and bathing suits for the conscious traveller.

On the beach with a good conscience

Celebrities like Diane Kruger and Beyoncé also have the concept of eco fashion more and more on their radar. That is why they wear bikinis and bathing suits by We Are Handsome, a company from Australia that offers really fabulous designs for the (Thai) beach.

But also in Germany, there are quite attractive alternatives: especially the label BlueMaou has impressed us. Bikinis, materninis (pregnancy bikinis) and even yoga pants for the sun salute in the mornings are produced with 100% recyclable materials and in an own studio. A true green fashion pearl!

For the walk from the room to the beach, or for longer walks, there are TOMS. With TOMS shoes it not only feels like walking barefoot, but they are completely vegan! And for each sold pair, TOMS donates another pair to children in need and supports several sustainable and social projects. Shoes with a good conscious so to speak!

Organic, fair trade and social responsibility – for every pair of TOMS, another pair is donated to a child in need. (Photo: Petra Haubner, www.hollightly.de)

Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Cruelty free cosmetics are a very large topic. Here is a list of cosmetic brands that are sold in Germany that assured PETA in writing that they do not perform animal testing. The international list is here. Cosmetics without animal testing can also be detected by certain symbols, which can be found here.

Do not forget: sun care! Putting on lotion should belong to every sun bathing routine – not only because of wrinkles that are fostered by too much sun exposure, but also to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Meanwhile, there are several leading brands in the cosmetics industry that focus on naturalness – among them Ahava, Aveda and also The Body Shop!

After a long day at the beach, one longs for a shower. Here, too, there are a multitude of eco products that are cruelty free. For the special relaxation, one can also take a nice bath with ocean view on ones own terrace at Tongsai Bay. There are also a variety of natural soaps as well.

For those who rather stock up beforehand, find products at natural cosmetic brands for example Weleda. With a large selection of soaps and creme with herbs from their healing plant garden, there is something for everyone and neither during production nor during development was animal testing done.

tea tree oil
Tiger Balm and tea tree oil are real, organic all-rounders and belong into every vegan travel first-aid kit.

Practical Supplies for the Road

Instead of buying plastic bottles on the road, how about a reusable bottle? Glas bottles are recyclable and reusable. And they are pretty, as well. They can be refilled any number of times and in combination with a portable water purifier totally sustainable. So there is no excuse anymore for plastic bottles that first of all pollute the environment and second of all harm animals when disposed incorrectly. The same goes for plastic bags – rather pack everything in a backpack or purse!

For the vegan first-aid kit, Tiger Balm is an allrounder and essential. Consisting out of natural ingredients such as menthol, as well as clove and peppermint oil, Tiger Balm can be applied in many different ways. Tea tree oil is also multi-functional: it keeps bugs away, relieves itching and has a disinfecting effect.

Tongsai Bay is especially committed to animals, but travelers should always be considerate towards animals in any travel destination.

And lastly… Respect!

We have packed our bags with clothing, cosmetics and practical supplies. We kept the most important thing for last: consideration! A good preparation is great, but paying attention to the surroundings in the destination country is exactly as important!

Especially concerning souvenirs, you should check twice in foreign countries, otherwise you will end up with something from animals in your bag. Rather buy local herbs at the market or take lots of photos and print them out at home! Show respect and non-violence towards animals – and the Tongsai Bay animals will look forward to your visit, too!