At home with Haidl-Madl

There are places, where you actually realize that something is missing, when you are actually there. Too rarely do we admit that we simply need a break from everything – and even less do we do this! Thereby it is very important to have a relaxing counterpart to the daily stress!

A perfect place for peace and quiet is Haidl-Madl in Bischofsreuth in Lower Bavaria. Visitors of the website will already get a glimpse, what Haidl-Madl is all about:

Arrive, unpack, breath in. And recharge the batteries.

Haidl-Madl in Lower Bavaria has been in family’s hands for over 300 years.

Haidl-Madl: 300 years of history

300 years of history lay behind the three lovely decorated vacation apartments. A agricultural business at first, the first steps towards a vacation home were made in the 1970s. Two rooms of the vacation apartments developed, which today’s owner Ingrid Haidl-Madl’s mother had much influence concerning design and for example also painted pictures for.

The room “Alte Liebe” (German for “Old Love”) is a homage for the history of Haidl-Madl.

In the 1990s, the agricultural business had to be shut down due to health issues with Ingrid’s father. Step by step, Haidl-Madl turned into a place of tranquility for guests, a third apartment “Alte Liebe” (German for “old love”) as a homage to the past followed. A small shop with high-quality furniture and classic design icons accompanies the lovable vacation rentals.

Even today, many old stories and things from the past can be found here: the self-made tiled stove or the smoker, in which bacon used to be stored. A farmer’s garden was the big pride of Ingrid’s mother and about half the garden is kept up by today’s host in dedication to her mother.

Today, Ingrid Haidl-Madl is the proud owner of Haidl-Madl Vacation Living.

Ingrid Haidl-Madl: the host behind the oasis of tranquility

Behind today’s Haidl-Madl stands one of the daughters, Ingrid Haidl-Madl. A connection to nature and the country life have always existed and her warmth make Haidl Madl Vacation homes to the place it is today: an oasis of tranquility, feeling at home.

What is your favorite memory as a child on the farm?

The animals were my friends, so it did happen that I let the pigs bite off my butter bread or apple.

The butchering was a tragedy for me every single time and I always hid behind the wooden box at the wood stove with my dog Arko.

Later on, my mother convinced me about the necessity of butchering, as we need meat to live. That made the loss a bit more bearable.

IMG_5956 Kopie
At Haidl-Madl, guests should relax and enjoy life.

What do the guests, who come to you, look for the most?

The combination of extraordinary living in a less populated area with absolute peace, wide views and unique air quality.

With which feeling should your guests leave Haidl-Madl?

Relaxed, inspired and with a “It was great, we’re coming back!”.

You place high value on beautiful furniture – which is your favorite piece?

My favorite pieces are an old painted chest from my grandparents, as well as the old smoker that has found its new spot in the “Alten Liebe” apartment. Also, I love to read books in the “Wegner” chair!

A place of tranquility: a hammock in the middle of the green.

At Haidl-Madl, there are many different possibilites to relax. What is your favorite spot? 

In our big nature garden I can relax best under the trees in the hammock. During winter, I like to sit by the tiled stove in the “Alten Liebe” or in the living room.

Your homemade cakes are the best in the area – would you convey one of your legendary cake recipes? 

My recipes are my personal secret 😉 But there are many opportunities to eat them right here!

Thank you Ms. Haidl-Madl for the short interview. For all, who are now curious: here you can find more information on Haidl-Madl vacation rentals.