Balinese Traditions at Sol Beach House

An important part of a green philosophy is maintaining local cultures and communities. Without them, the world would be much less diverse and surely a lot less interesting. By preserving customs, practices and cultural influences of all kinds, each country stays unique and offers much to discover.

One of these unique places is Bali in Indonesia. And right in the tropical paradise of Nusa Dua, there is Sol Beach House Benoa that understands the importance of preserving local cultures and traditions. Some of them that show, how sustainability and love for others are deeply rooted within Balinese traditions.

Lobby 4, Sol Benoa Beach house 2014
Arrive and experience a piece of Balinese tradition right in the lobby.

Arrive and experience traditions

The rooms are designed in local traditional Balinese architecture: lots of local wood and modern art are combined with minimalism. This way, guests do not compromise on comfort, but have the Balinese integrated as well.

For all those food loving guests, the restaurants serve delicious and authentic Balinese dishes that are made from fresh, organic products.

But first and foremost what is special about Sol Beach House Benoa is that they include the traditional philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, which promotes harmony among human beings through communal cooperation, harmony with the environment and harmony towards the gods. All three of these aspects are integrated deeply into Sol Beach House Benoa’s hotel business.

Harmony to god is one of the three pillars of the Balinese philosophy.

Tri Hita Karana – 3 Balinese concepts

Parhayangan – Here, people is demanded to keep the balance and harmony to god. This part of Tri Hita Karana holds a huge meaning to the Hindu religion, as it takes much discipline and full confidence to not only pray at the temple, but also cover activities that ensure good things in life, such as building and cleaning a temple.

At Sol Beach House, there are many occasions and ceremonies, where all employees get together and pray in unity.

image description
The connection to nature can be experienced throughout the whole hotel grounds.

Pelemahan – …means „land“, this aspect relates to how people should treat the environment. This concept bases on the fact that if Balinese treat the environment well, the good environment will make their life better in return. On a special day of the Balinese calander, Tumpek Uduh, Balinese actually give offering to trees symbolizing the thankfulness towards nature.

Melia Benoa Garden 003
Rare plants are grown, so that the fruits can be harvested in the future.

Nature and its blessings can be found throughout Sol Beach House, whether it is their lush garden, their lobby design or the fact that they save energy. Also, the hotel grows rare Balinese plants, such as oranges, jackfruit and guava, to ensure that they do not go extinct.

sol beach house bali employees
Locals are employed and educated concerning sustainability and good choices in life.

Pawongan – This third concept requires that harmony and balance is maintained between human to human. It emphasizes how keeping a good relationship to others will result in receiving good things in return. As frequently in Balinese tradition, the good things come in three’s: think a good thing, speak the good thing and conduct the good thing.
Doing good is a main focus within Sol Beach House. For the most part, only local people are hired and the staff receives awareness training in terms of sustainability.

Sol Beach House believes that involving local people in decisions that affect their lives and life chances, will continue to make sustainability part of the future.