Conscious Snow Times

It could not fit more perfectly – while writing these lines, large and thick snowflakes are falling down in front of our Green Pearls headquarters in Darmstadt. Right on time for World Snow Day on January 17th, large parts of Germany are expecting a white snowfall.

And while many connect snow with chaos and longer trips, I want to convince you of the contrary with these German-speaking Green Pearls member hotels. Because snow at the right place does not only look pretty, but offers many possibilities to experience special winter moments.

Strandhaus Spreewald
In combination with white snow, the Strandhaus Spreewald looks especially romantic.

A ride through the snow: Strandhaus Spreewald

When snow lays on top of Strandhaus Spreewald , it looks simply magical. The for the Spreewald area typical wood building looks especially romantic in winter. To match this romance, you can take a winter boat trips through the snow-covered Spreewald; and no worries, blankets to bundle up in and warming mulled wine are included! This way, you can enjoy the winter wonderland to its fullest outside with your favorite person, without turning into an icepick.

Berghotel Rehlegg Schnee
A great winter wonderland for the whole family at Berghotel Rehlegg.

Ski bunny seeks snowman: Das Berghotel Rehlegg

“Ski bunny seeks snowman”, this is the motto at Berghotel Rehlegg in Berchtesgaden. Because whether ski bunny or snowman, whether great or small, in winter, there are many possibilities. The skiing slopes, like the Hochschwarzeck, are especially for small ski bunnies and snowmen to practice, and also the hiking trails are perfectly suited for beginners, if it should be a winter stroll. Secret tip of the Berghotel: the Hirscheckblitz is perfect for sledding!

Schwarzwald Panorama Winter
The 180° Panorama view of the Schwarzwald Panorama invites you to watch the snow happenings from the inside.

Gusto and warmth from the inside: Schwarzwald Panorama

You rather watch the snow and winter wonderland from the inside? At Schwarzwald Panorama, you can do this laid-back and most of all, indulge! While snow falls in-between the firs of the Black Forest, you are in the comfy spa, getting a massage and regenerating for the spring. And as warmth notably comes from the inside as well, the gusto menu offers many warming and energy-giving stews from a classic goulash to exotic flavors with winter vegetables.

Gradonna Mountain Resort
If snow has a home, then it is here at Gradonna Mountain Resort.

The Snow Queen: Das Gradonna Mountain Resort

The name says it all: Gradonna Mountain Chalets & Resort is ideally located between mountains in East Tyrol. Very easily, you can get up out of bed and jump directly onto the ski slopes or if you are not really a skier, then take an enjoyable snow walk on one of the many trails around. After your active day, you can enjoy a unique wellness oasis and warm yourself up or treat yourself to a snow crystal peeling. Snow is simply at home.