Big City Lights

Ever dreamed of your own loft in the party capital of Europe? Well, that dream can be a reality when booking into Miniloft in Berlin. And not only are you located in the center of the city but you are staying in an award winning architectural landmark, that is also sustainable.

The Miniloft building today is a complex interweave of renovation and new construction.


The rear wing was a run-down building from the 1890s typical of Berlin-Mitte. In 2002, Britta and Matthew, the architects and owners, completely transformed it by radically changing the existing apartments to create the Classic and Compact lofts and a home for themselves and their two children. Slender, their prize-winning apartment, is an innovative family home in the middle of a dynamic city.


These six Minilofts were so successful, that in December 2003, just as construction on the former bomb-site at the front of the property was about to begin, the two architects redesigned the new building to create the Extroverted and Introverted lofts.


This building also houses the architecture office and a little shop. Its three bent stainless-steel ribbons embrace the existing rear wing behind and navigate between the buildings on either side.

Environmental stewardship is a Miniloft priority, from the materials used in the building to the organically grown and fair-trade products on offer. They use carbon-neutral energy throughout the building and strive continually to reduce their environmental impact.


All Minilofts are non smoking, and equipped with modern amenities including free high speed WiFi internet connection for your laptop, flat-screen cable TV, telephone, kitchenette, bathroom, queen-sized bed, couch and dining area, and an on-site self serve laundry.


The perfect space for business as well as pleasure. You can invite friends for a home cooked meal, have meetings or presentations or find out if 24-hour partying can really be done …