German Travel Blogger Christine Neder visits Gradonna****s Mountain Resort!

We fell in love today. Not once, but twice: with popular German lifestyle and travel blogger Christine Neder of Lilies Diary, and through her blog post, we are head over heels for our Green Pearls property Gradonna****s Mountain Resort in eastern Tyrol in Austria. The winter season is around the corner and her story about her recent stay there has got us all excited about snow!

Christine Neder has written a love letter to the Gradonna****s. What we love about the post is her genuine excitement about this contemporary, eco-friendly hotel. Nothing makes us happier here at Green Pearls than someone who shares our delight for one of our „pearls“ – and then goes out and tells the world about it!

As one does when in love, we immediately went looking for the similarities between us:


  1. Green Pearls loves the modern design of the resort and how it seamlessly blends into the surrounding landscape, as does Christine Neder: Lilies Diary


  1. Christine doesn’t like loud, après-ski focused ski holidays. As a winter break enthusiast, she prefers the serenity of mountain vistas and an accommodation where she can step from her hotel room right onto the slopes. The Gradonna****s Mountain Resort is the perfect destination for the discerning winter sports aficionado.


  1. The two accommodation types: chalets or rooms. No matter what you choose, the highlight in both cases is the view. Through the abundance of floor to ceiling windows you can gaze at the stunning panorama for hours.


  1. The green hotel’s sustainable initiatives have impressed Christine Neder. Exactly because of these initiatives, Gradonna****s Mountain Resort has become a member of the Green Pearls family.


  1. A car free resort is not only cool; it is also the epitome of a green destination. It puts you immediately in holiday mode.

Reading Christine’s article about the Gradonna****s Mountain Resort on Lilies Diary is the highlight of our day. Hopefully it will be yours, too. Read her story and see her awesome pictures here: Lilies Diary.