Stern, an eco-friendly family resort

On the way to Obsteig am Mieminger Plateau in Tyrol, the weather is moody right up until our arrival, much like it has been everywhere this summer. It does seem to try really hard to do its best for us though and the sun is peaking out behind the clouds, putting us in a great mood. As we get closer, our anticipation rises; we can’t wait to experience the green family resort Stern in person. Thankfully we didn’t get caught in traffic on the way here, and even better, we didn’t get lost either. That, by the way, is usually due to the GPS system in the car, somehow it seems to have trouble finding our green pearls


A smiling Rene Föger, owner of the sustainably run Hotel Stern, greets us in the lobby and we immediately feel welcome. After dropping our bags in our spacious rooms, we begin a tour of the hotel with René where we learn a lot about the hotel’s history. It all began in 1907 when Franziska and Alois Föger decided to leave the Fernpass in Tyrol to take over the Gasthof zum Stern in Obsteig. They believed in the uniqueness of the Mieminger Plateaus area and knew they could make the Stern into a special haven for holidaymakers. After World War I, Franziska ran the hotel on her own, fighting against animosity from the authorities at the time.

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Soon after that difficult period, holidaying in the Alps became fashionable again (fresh summer air & skiing) and more and more people learned about the natural beauty of the Mieminger Plateau. Tourism pioneers at the time fortunately understood the value of sustainability well and ensured the preservation of the area and its natural beauty. In the late 80’s the Stern was revamped to its current look. Over the years, the elegant and cosy country house style combined with modern elements, playful ideas und skilful use of the regional larch wood was incorporated into all aspects of the resort. In 2004, René Föger took over the running of the eco-friendly family resort. He puts his heart and soul into it and ensures the well being of every guest with personal and consistent effort.

Hotel Stern

I am enthusiastic about the atmosphere here. I see smiling, red-cheeked children and relaxed, happy parents. Behind the hotel is a small stable with ponies. Parents lead the ponies while their little tykes proudly sit on the backs of the little horses. Others run, climb and jump on the playground or explore the surroundings of the hotel. I think back at the time when my own children where that age. I used to rent a holiday house or apartment out of fear my children could disturb someone in a hotel. That choice of course has a distinct disadvantage for parents as they lose precious holiday time on preparing meals, making beds and tidying up. Here I see chilled out parents with happy kids and I am impressed. The focus is on doing things together; parents doing things with their children as opposed to sending them to a kids club. There are lots of activities for the whole family, and if the parents want to enjoy a childfree evening they can book a trusted babysitter through the hotel. This is how to enjoy a family holiday; they really know how to at this sustainably run family resort Stern.


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We are sitting in the sun on the terrace of this carbon neutral resort, enjoying a ‘Schwammerln’ dish (‘mushroom’ in Austrian dialect). I notice how naturally families mix with and couples here. It’s almost like one big family. And amongst everyone is René Föger, chatting with guests, laughing with the kids while they try to get him to play with them. What impresses me most is that children of every age are so engrossed by playing outdoors and experiencing nature that there isn’t a single ipad or smartphone in sight, not even the parents are using them. Now that is pure relaxation!

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I highly recommend this eco-friendly hotel to any family seeking a relaxed holiday where they can truly spend quality time together. A caringly run, green and family friendly resort with a personal touch, its roots firmly planted in genuine hospitality.

Iglesia del refugio Hallerangerhause, Sendero ruta del ‡guila, alpes austriacos


The philosophy of the tavern has always been to get together and to ‘HUANGARTEN’ (tyrolian for ‘chatting’). And that’s how it should remain for the next 100 years at the eco friendly family resort Stern.