Treasure Hunting in Liguria, Eco Hotel in Italy

For me Liguria belongs to the nicest spots of Italy. There is still so much untouched nature, mountain villages like 200 years ago with old, dilapidated houses, old people who gossip on benches in front of the houses and curiously watch every car pass by. There are wonderful small coastal places and incredibly hospitable and very open minded people. There you can find the charming small Eco Lodge, Relais del Maro
It is a so-called Albergo Diffuso, that means there is a main house and rooms all over the town in renovated houses. Thus one also comes fast to chat with the inhabitants of this small village. No problem if you do not speak Italian, the conversation works with hands and feet.

Relais del Maro11

“Famiglia Scalambrin”, a family with old, ligurian roots wanted to maintain the historical family estate, and decided to renovate the houses and convert into a small Eco – hotel, the birth of Relais del Maro in 2012. The perfect place for a sustainable vacation in Italy. Thus originated an exceedingly tasteful small sustainable hotel with so many lovely details. Elena, the daughter of the house, and “la Mamma” have experienced so many nice moments of their lifes in the walls of these houses and can tell secrets and anecdotes to every room and corner.

Relais del Maro 8

One feels like home, the Scalambrins and their wonderful employees anticipate the guest every wish, it feels a little like in paradise.
For the breakfast take your time to taste all of the partly self-made, ligurian dishes, it is a dream which you may enjoy sitting outside in the romantic garden. Small hint from our side, include a diet plan for the time you be home.

Relais del Maro 12

“Il Moletto” here time seem to have stopped, we were reminded of films from the 50s and the vacations in our childhood 20 years later. The Italians preserve their good old tradition with places like that. The sunbeds also seem to be from this time, at least the the technology and comfort :-), however, this we purchase with pleasure for a little nostalgia and the magnificent view – by the way preserving of traditions is also sustainable.
If you meet Elena when staying at this wonderful place, regards from us and we are already looking forward to our next stay.