Green Skiing vacation, means what?

Hinterglemm-Saalbach, memories of skiing holiday with the school, this seems to be ages ago, I rather choose not to think about it.-) I am with my collegue Lisa on the way to the Bachgut Resort, a sustainable, green resort. It is a sustainable, unique resort with a main house, chalets, a hay barn and two alpine huts. The resort as the name expresses, is situated in the mountains at 1130-m height.

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Arriving at the Bachgut Resort, we are being warmly welcomed by family Langegger – Kröll, the hosts of the wonderful resort. In the living room of the family, we listen to the family history, the philosophy and enjoy the fantastic view of  Hinterglemm. The sustainable resort consists of a main house, chalets which can accommodate up to 10 people, hay barn and 2 alpine huts with a view that makes the heart falter. The history of the green Bachgut Resort goes back till 1913. At that time the grandparents bought the land, which was at that time only used as farm land. 28 years later the first guests enjoyed the hospitality of the family. It took another 14 years until it was altered to a guesthouse.  A lot has happened in between. Today it is led by Renate Langegger- Kröll, the granddaughter together with her husband Josef and their 2 sons who made it the place it is today.  A unique property  combining local, modern architecture with almost everything that is possible in the area of environmental protection. You can find more information about it here / hotels/europe/austria/bachgut – das-resort-am-berg

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We leave with Josef, the son, to see the alpine huts. The path is very small and steep and I am glad that I am not the driver. In the woods Renate Kröll has placed hammocks, it is a place to rest and for meditation. We pass by the  Outdoorfitness course, the solar energy plant,until we come by the first alpine hut. The view from here is spectacular, even the sun appears. I would love to just sit in the hotpot outside the hut and enjoy the gorgeous view.

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Driving down to Hinterglemm, enjoying an unspoiled nature and stunning view I know why I love my job. I am able to see all these unique places, meet wonderful like the family Kröll-Langegger and then dream of my next vacation with hotpot directly at the slope.


The Bachgut Resort am Berg is our recommendation for an active summer vacation and green skiing vacation.


To answer the question, what exactly is hidden behind green skiing vacation? Eco-friendly ski resorts such as the Bachgut Resort am Berg are looking for ways to reduce their impact by using renewable energy, upgrading accommodations to be more energy and water efficient and improving recycling and waste management systems. A green skiing experience allows skiers and non-skiers alike to enjoy the beauty of snow covered mountains while ensuring that future generations will still have the ability to ski.