Green Architecture: impressive tents

Before the green hotel was a green idea. All our sustainable members started from somewhere – either with the restoration of an existing building or completely new and with many plans, how it should look like in the end.

Tents on the Tatai River – a wonderful place in midst of Cambodia’s nature.

Very special and impressive green architecture stands behind the  4 Rivers Floating Lodge in Cambodia. In midst of the jungle, 12 luxurious tent-villas that swim on the Tatai River were designed.

Each of the tents is 45 square meters large and offers much comfort – far away from regular tents that you might know. Glamping, glamourous camping is a great concept that combines comfort with adventure – and there is so much to tell about it!

2009-05-30 Okay, we'll put it here
This is how the spot looked like before the beginning of the building of 4 Rivers Floating Lodge aus.

At the beginning, there was this empty but beautiful piece of earth – owners Anna and Valentin wanted to preserve this untouched nature, but at the same time bring travelers closer to this piece of nature’s paradise.

2009-09-08 (2) ...and more platforms!
The first platforms – the building can go on!

The floor consists out of a mixture of wooden plastic – and now some of you may ask: plastic? Very simple: due to the richness of water in the area, plain wood floors would have needed to be substituted more frequently. With the used mixture, floors last much longer and in the long-run are more sustainable. The plastic is made out of recycled materials!

2009-09-25 (5) I told you I can set it up! ...give me a beer
The first tent roof!

The roofs of the tents consist out of four layers that protect the guests from all kinds of weather conditions. The design supports natural ventilation, so that it is always cool or warm enough.

Indoors from 4 Rivers Floating Eco-Lodge
The inside of the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge tents is not only spacious but also offers all the comfort the traveler seeks for.

The lodge also proves that furniture can be made out of plants, too! All furniture in the tents are made out of water hyacinth.

2009-11-11 (2) Walkway looks good ;)
The tents are connected with a foot bridge.

All parts of the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge were built with small tools and much handmade work. And even today, local employees still work at the lodge, who were there from the beginning. The woman, who was in charge of clean up after the building of the lodge became the assistant of hotel management after two years.

2009-11-23 First breakfast !
The very first breakfast in the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge – since then, many guests have enjoyed the luxury tents.

The special thing about 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is that it is built in the middle of untouched nature, but can be taken down very easily. If one would take down the lodge completely, there would be not one single sign that there was something there! This way, nature stays completely in its origin.

So when you travel to Cambodia, then think of this wonderful story. The 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is surely a true, green pearl.