G’schmackig, eardig, g’sellig and huamelig…

Winter in the Landhotel Stern at the Mieminger Sun Plateau in Tirol

Landhotel Stern offers unforgettable experiences and a sustainable family vacation throughout the entire year

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For most people, going to Tirol in winter for a vacation means: Endless skiing… However this year it can also mean 4,000 km of ski slopes with no snow at all (so far) – even in an area known for guaranteed snow. In the Obsteig at the Mieminger Sun Plateau you are facing a similar situation…no snow. But considering that the weather in this area is sheltered from the North and West by the Mieminger hills it claims to enjoy the “longest summer in Tirol” – and so winter is not as snow guaranteed as elsewhere. As a result one of the last ski-lifts in 2007 was abolished.

The Familienlandhotel Stern demonstrates how one can enjoy the winter season without any snow: Already in its fifth generation, the hotel is considered to be both a pleasurable and unforgettable place for a family vacation.

René Föger who runs the “Stern” since 2005 in its fifth generation

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Although owner René Föger brings in a touch of modernity, tradition still remains an important topic here. So it makes sense that the philosophy of sustainable handling of the Landhaus Stern be stated in local Tyrolean dialect: „g’schmackig“ ( meaning “tasty“) relating to the seasonal, regional and biological ingredients of the typical Tyrolean recipes. Although seasonal, there is more variety on the menu than stuffed cabbage in winter… There are a number of recipes that have grown steadily over the years as grandmother Franziska has managed the tavern – which is actually the heart of the “Stern” – for many years. Some recipes can be found on the following website (http://bit.ly/1t11XhF), readily available for you to copy and make at home!

The origin of the “Stern” began with the tavern. One can only imagine how pleasant it is to sit together here

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„eardig“ („earthy“) stands for the various activities offered to guests that enable them to reduce their CO2 footprint. Landhotel Stern educates their guests in a playful manner on ways in which one can be conscious of the climate. One example is guests can earn points for activities such as sleeping in hay, trekking up the alps or riding a pony. At the end of their stay guests have the opportunity to win a prize based on achieving a high score.

Take a ride on one of the adorable ponies or book a horseback riding tour to explore the area

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In the end getting along with the atmosphere and hotel sentiment results in a local feeling described as „g’sellig“ („social“). This means that guests talk with each other, play cards and don’t resign to just watching tv in their rooms. There is also a child care possibility – however children are not meant to just be “dropped-off”. Children can play for a couple of hours and many activities actually bring families together so they can enjoy this companionship in a positive vacation atmosphere.

Perfect setting for playing chess!

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Children are cared for and not to be just “dropped-off”.

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By „huamelig“ („homelike“) in the Landhotel Stern they mean a fair treatment of their staff with flexible schemes for different family situations.

In addition, if there is snow, you can enjoy cross country skiing and ski-mountain climbing as an alternative to downhill skiing.

“Beautiful guest rooms, pure wines, good food, draught and bottled beers” – in short this is what the Landhotel Stern is about!


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