How the Maldives inspire to live sustainably

There are many roads that lead to sustainable life. Negative travel experiences or moments are the beginning point for many, to design their life (and the future travels) consciously.

This is what exactly happened to Simone and Alexander, enthusiastic travelers and lovers of a nice vacation. A while back they headed to the Maldives – a long dream that became true for the both of them. But once they arrived there, they realized that not everything is as paradisiac, as it may seem.

We asked them 5 questions to their vacation – and what they experienced on the Maldives.












1. Many connect a true paradise with the Maldives – what was your first impression?

We can only agree! The Maldives are unique and a true piece of paradise. Arriving alone and seeing all the small islands – it takes your breath away.

2. Impressive corals, fascinating marine life: how have you experienced these on the Maldives?

The countless colorful fish and corals are very impressive and unforgettable. The fascinating nature in all its glory made us humble. We stepped out of our bungalow, put on our diving goggles, walked into the ocean and off we went. Many fish, water turtles, sharks and octopus… we could not stop being astonished.












3. Which experience stayed with you the most?

Dolphins! And the really unbelievable, authentic peacefulness and slow movement.

4. What shocked you the most concerning environmental pollution on site?

What really shocked us and made us unspeakably sad was the plastic garbage that could be seen all over the ocean. To see something like this in paradise made us feel guilty. We felt an immediate environmental activism and wanted to clean the ocean ourselves right away.

IMG_8620 IMG_8716










5. Did the situation on the Maldives make you think more about green travel and also a more conscious life? What do you want to change?

Since our vacation, we try to go without plastic as much as possible. Our vacation has had a high influence on us. We also think more sustainably and act respectively – choosing the green hotels in the travel offers. Because nature deserves to be protected, so that we all have her beauty as long as possible.

Thank you to Simone and Alexander for sharing your impressions. Have you experienced or seen things while on vacation that made you re-think? We look forward to you experiences in the comment section.