6 Good Reasons for the Future of Traveling

More and more travelers seek eco- friendly accommodations due to their impact on not only the environment, but also on local communities. Hotels following a sustainable philosophy focus on exactly this.

In order to take this road and then follow it consciously and straight on, behind each hotel there is one person, who made exactly this decision for the future. Here you can find 6 Green Pearls® partners, who share good reasons for the future of traveling – and why they would do it again.

CGH Earth Coconut Lagoon
1) The purpose of being at CGH Earth

For the Indian enterprise CGH Earth, sustainability is part of their being. As it has been built on core values of sustainability, it cannot be differentiated or separated from the altogether sixteen hotels. “The purpose of being is to provide value to guests, a sustainable experience, by serving the community and conserving the environment”.

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu Maldives
2) Sustainability as the way of life

Coco Bodu Hithi and Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu both aim to maximize sustainability on the Maldives – but many probably ask themselves now: is this possible?
“Coco Bodu Hithi is a haven for the eco-conscious travelers seeking to make their holiday a bit greener by reconnecting with nature and in a conscious way discovering the spectacular marine life of the Maldives, which to this day still fascinates me”, says Georgios Papazoglu, General Manager.

At Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, the resort itself is inspired by the rich nature of the Maldives: “Our team personifies the laid-back nature of the island and they are the foundation of all our initiatives”, Sandrine Kaiser, General Manager.

Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee Schwerin Germany
3) Investing in the future

The eco-friendly focus of Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee in Northern Germany has increased the well-being of the guests, as well as the employees. With their endless actions, including the use of organic ingredients, improvement of CO2 emissions and not making compromises concerning comfort and quality, general manager Christian Petersen hopes to give his children and his employees’ children impulses to handle their future with care.

Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba Peru terrace
4) Creating opportunities for the community

Sustainability has been a part of Inkaterra in Peru from day one. Their research and preservation in the Peruvian Amazon 40 years ago marked the start of Inkaterra’s continuous eco-friendly actions. Whilst it is important to preserve nature and wildlife in which one lives and visits, Inkaterra also focuses on employing locals to improve the local economy. This creates goodwill between the properties and the communities in which they thrive.

Puri Dajuma Indonesia Bali
5) Cultural commitment

Including locals is a top priority for Puri Dajuma in West Bali. Making local villagers more sensitive to environmental issues and encouraging local staff through training and studies is Puri Dajuma’s conscious decision for a more sustainable future. Thereby, they foster a cultural symbiosis between Western and Balinese cultures.

The Tongsai Bay Koh Samui Thailand
6) There is only one reason

For Thanakorn Hoontrakul, owner of The Tongsai Bay on Koh Samui, there is one main reason why all should act sustainably: “The reason is to minimize impact of human’s way of life to mother nature so that we could all co-exist in balance amongst humans, animals, trees and all other beings on earth.” With The Tongsai Bay, he has been doing this for over 25 years: nature around the resort is untouched, animals are not harmed and conservation and protection of the environment is found in all aspects of the resort’s philosophy.