India: the Cradle of Yoga and Ayurveda

Everyone at least knows that one friend who practices yoga daily or the colleague who did the famous juice detox and the neighbor who went to an Ayurveda trip for weeks.

Sun salutes, cleansing juices and doshas – while it appears to be a new lifestyle to many, India offers a more than 4000 year old history concerning Ayurveda and yoga.

At CGH Earth SwaSwara, there are many different yoga courses to find relaxation.

A Yoga Mentor’s Insights

Yoga is one of the oldest sciences that supports the union of the body, mind and spirit. The word “yoga” means harmony, symbolizing this exact harmony yogis can achieve with this practice.

Swami Samarpananada, yoga mentor at CGH Earth’s SwaSwara, has practiced yoga for decades and offers his knowledge and personal experience to guests at the resort. For Swamiji, how he is called, people realize through yoga that they do not have limited resources and that everyone has own, individual spaces and methods.

But yoga should not be only seen as individual sessions, as Swamiji says in Earth Calling magazine:

“Instead of making yoga a series of practices done in a classroom, we must make it a part of our natural expression.”

On the road to self-discovery, yoga helps to understand strengths and weaknesses of every individual. It is important to find peace and relaxation in order to see the world and determine, which aspects are essential and which resources can be optimized.

CGH Earth SwaSwara’s grounds invite guests for nice walks.

A Yoga Oasis in India

At SwaSwara, there are many yoga offers that are designed to suit any kind of guest. Guests can take early walks on the beach (with or without a guide) that fittingly is named “Om beach”, take swims in the pool or in the sea. Several different yoga classes are available, starting with Ashtanga yoga or laughter yoga, where laughing is combined with normal breathing exercises.

Did you know that even fake laughter releases endorphins that make you happy, because the brain does not know that the laugh is not authentic?

It is recommended that a visit at SwaSwara should last at least five to seven days, as it takes some time to let the world outside go, to find relaxation and let SwaSwara in a whole influence the soul. But once there, there will always be a reason to stay longer in this yoga paradise!

Altogether, SwaSwara has 24 villas, where each two-story villa actually has its very own yoga deck with a view onto the beach! So there are no excuses for letting go and discovering one self anymore!

“This journey here is the journey of discovery of the self.”

is how Swamiji summarizes a visit at SwaSwara.

Ayurveda in India has been a traditional medicine therapy for over 4000 years.

India and its Ayurveda Principles

In Ayurveda, yoga plays an important role as well. It supports the treatment by laying focus on concentrating on the breath. Breathing is essential to Ayurveda therapy, as it supports the process of rejuvenation and revitalization, especially concerning nerves and brain.

The principles of Ayurveda date back to 4000 years ago, where in India it was a medical science. Until today, Ayurveda is seen as medicine in India, a journey that renews the self of each individual who practices it.

There are three principles of life, called doshas: vata (wind). pitta (fire) and kapha (water). Each person has one or a combination of two doshas and they determine how people act and look. If ones doshas are not in balance, Ayurveda will help to find the balance again. Stress management, inprove fitness and finding one’s connection back to nature are key aspects of Ayurveda therapy goals, in order to develop a healthy lifestyle.

A customized food plan for each guest is one main part of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda treatments consist out of both internal and external therapies, including a cleansing diet, and conditioning therapies that are individually adjusted. Each Ayurveda participant has his individual food plan, where meals are always made fresh from products out of the surrounding areas.

Not only in the rooms at Kalari Kovilakom do guests feel like being in an Indian palace.

The Palace of Ayurveda: Kalari Kovilakom

At Kalari Kovilakom, also called “The Palace of Ayurveda”, each treatment is individual. Every guest gets their own tailored kurta-pyjama suit, an individual two-hour doctor’s consultation, which is followed by an extensive plan for the whole stay. This is how each guest gets the support and treatment he needs, in order to achieve his personal goals.

Ayurveda is considered the “royal path of healing”.

CGH Earth Kalari Kovilakorn offers visitors a relaxing view of the surrounding mountains.
Not only the view onto Paravoor Lake makes CGH Earth’s Kalari Rasayana a peaceful oasis.

Kalari Kovilakom has 18 heritage suites and a stay there is recommended around two week, as a shorter stay will not guarantee a full rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul. CGH Earth’s Kalari Rasayana also offers Ayurveda treatments, but has a grand view of Paravoor lake, whereas guests at Kalari Kovilakom have an impressive view of the foot hills.

The sign at the entrance of Kalari Kovilakom summarizes the philosophy of Ayurveda and a visit at CGH Earth’s hotels perfectly:

“Please leave your world here.”