Juist – an island in Winter

A winter vacation does not necessarily have to be associated with skiing (you can read more on this topic in our article on winter sports). If you are looking for a calm place to take a deep breath and relax, the North Sea island Juist is the perfect spot for you. Its atmosphere is unique: there are no cars on the island, but instead a lot of untouched nature and warm hospitality. Those who have once been on Juist, come back again and again. In winter, you have the island nearly all for yourself – and can enjoy pure relaxation and deceleration.

Recreation by the sea


Is there something better to clear your mind than having long walks in the sea breeze? In the UNESCO biosphere reserve Nationalpark Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer you cannot only enjoy the wide open space of the Wadden Sea, but also explore its flora and fauna. Just grab an island map or take a guided tour, for example by the Nationalpark Haus.

The wellness program of nature

©Strandhotel Kurhaus Juist

In winter we wouldn’t recommend a bath in the sea, but you also feel its closeness during a walk. Tiny drops of sea water settle on your skin and produce a thin salt film that has the same effect as a beauty treatment: its vitamins, minerals and trace elements soften and smooth your skin – in a completely natural way. If you want to improve your endurance as well, you can try the Thalasso spa tracks that start at the beach exit of the Strandhotel Kurhaus Juist. The signposted routes take you through the dunes, along the 17 km long beach and can be combined just as you like.

Relaxing at the beach – even in winter

©Strandhotel Kurhaus Juist

The Strandhotel Kurhaus Juist is not only the starting point for the Thalasso spa tracks, but also a charming accommodation for a relaxing vacation on this island. The historical building that is located directly at the beach was built in 1897 for spa guests and has been modernized on a regular basis since then. With its wide range of wellness programs it is still a perfect place to relax and recover. Due to its own sea water well and the swimming hall with a gorgeous sea view you can enjoy the advantages of life on an island to the full. If you are looking for the most beautiful view over the whole island you will find it in the glass dome of the Strandhotel Juist – and stay comfortably warm even if it’s cold outside.