Juist: THE place for your perfect sustainable autumn holiday

I am in love. In love with an island. Some of you may have been there but only do know this place in summer. For me, the German island of Juist shows its real beauty in autumn. Then Juist becomes slow, very slow. Prospectively you have to wear warm clothes but a hot tea in East Frisian style is warming you, when it is windy outside, especially here.

Foto: Thomas Weber, http://www.phothomas.de

My tips for an ideal trip to Juist

When you travel by ferry, you will immediately relax. The word “hectic” does not appear in the islanders vocabulary. There are plenty options of accommodation for each budget –  from bed & breakfasts, holiday homes or lovely hotels. As I am hopelessly romantic, I really love to stay at the Strandhotel Kurhaus Juist. The gorgeous hotels impresses with a typical architecture of ancient seaside resorts. It was opened in 1898 and is also called by the locals “the white castle at the beach”. Why not starting with a dinner at the white hall, a stunning place with high walls and the candelabras. An ambience for a princess – of course the level of food is outstanding.

On tour with Heino:  Wadden Sea Guide with passion!

Ideally the first morning starts with a walk at the beach. The hotel is directly located at the main beach, 10 meters away from happiness! After lunch time, I would propose  a tour with Heino, the Wadden See guide. Heino is not singing (as the famous German singer) but looks much better and the most important, is the absolute experienced person when it comes to the Wadden Sea with all its inhabitants. Since 2009 the Wadden Sea surrounding the beautiful island of Juist is recognized as UNESCO World Heritage. A spacious and low shelving coastal strip is  covered with sand or mud is needed to build such a natural treasure. Flora and fauna assimilated by the time in such a perfect way, that it can only grow and exist here. But this harmonic interaction is highly sensitive when it comes to environmental changes. For its protection it is essential to keep an eye on sustainability.

Yoga à la Juist

The silence on the island is magic and as a Yogini, I do practicing Yoga also whilst traveling.  One could do it alone but I prefer practicing in a group. At the Yogaraum Juist, Konny Rippe offers diverse courses, together with her professional team. From the dynamic Jivamukti to Spirit Yoga or Vinyasa Flow or meditation, everybody will find the right class. Please apply one day before (60 minutes 15 euros, 90 minutes 17 euros, singing bowls 12 euros). The autumn workshop “Insel Glow Yoga” will take place from November 2nd till November 5th and is offered from 180 euros. If accommodation is needed, the team helps with bookings (single room with breakfast and vegetarian menue 79 euros/ double room 71 euros per person and day).


A real beauty booster is Thalasso therapy. Ideally you start with a mud package from the North Sea:  this treatments spends pleasant warmth for the back and is the right preparation for an individual massage afterwards.  I am a fan of the alga-cream massage. During this full body treatment, you will be massaged with nuturing oils and an extract of the so called brown alga. The massage protects the skin and is providing it with moisture for a fresh look. Most of the hotels do offer Thalasso treatments. Until November, there are also packages available inclusive transfer, 7 nights accommodation, bicycle für 5 days, Wadden Sea tour, 1 dinner and two treatments  from 524 euros. More infos here