Last-Minute Green Gift Guide

It always comes faster, then expected: Christmas. Only about 9 more days – do you have all your Christmas gifts? If not, no worries! We from the Green Pearls team give you our personal last-minute green gift guide for the holidays!


Stefany – Managing Director

What is also important to me while gifting is the wrapping paper itself. Even better than recycling
paper is to create a great wrapping with used newspapers and a fallen off fir branch.



A hand-written cookbook with your own favorite recipes and tips for the local grocery shopping is a great idea for those, who love to cook. What is also very great are Airbag bags that are made out of used air mattresses. Each piece is unique and thus not only sustainable, but also something very special.


Christine – Communication Manager

Christine Maul-Pfeifer Profil s:w


Especially for Christmas, I like to gift experiences rather than material things. Because for me, there is nothing more special than spending time together.



An evening cooking including the needed ingredients, a dinner at the favorite restaurant or a nice excursion into nature, as soon as the sun shines again – there are many possibilities! It is also easy to personalize for the person you are gifting and both sides get excited for the experience!


Lydia – Sales & Marketing Manager

Lydia klein


This year, our family has decided to play Secret Santa. This way, each person only gets one gift that is meaningful and actually fits the person.


Instead of giving in to mass consumerism, why not support a green project? There are so many great and long-lasting projects done by our hotels – from animal protection to local community projects. It not only gives you a good feeling, but you also support a project that will make a change in the long-run.


Eileen – Communication Manager



After nine wonderful years in Frankfurt, we moved
to Berlin in this August. For Christmas, I like to gift things with a local connection.



For several female family members and friends I will be placing the “Berlin Body Lotion” by i+m beneath the Christmas tree. It is a pure, vegan body lotion without animal testing and supports three fair-trade projects in Uganda, Marocco and Palestine.

Besides cold-pressed argan and olive oil, precious shea butter, marigold, carrots and coneflower make it absorb fast, offer a soft scent and great skincare. In Berlin, one can get the “i+m” line in natural stories and perfumeries, or find the green skincare line in the online shop of taz.