On the trail of the Inca: Culture in Peru with Inkaterra

Historic buildings, long abandoned ruins and traditional life – there is hardly something more exciting in Peru than the Inca! Even though the Incas have not been around in the Cusco area for over five centuries anymore, their indigenous and urban culture is still alive today!

Travelers can hike to the old Inca fortress Machu Picchu or marvel at the imposing Inca terraces at Pisac. The vivid city Cusco in the mountains is known as a cultural hotspot in Peru and for vibrant nights.

The Inkaterra group has laid a focus on keeping the Peruvian culture alive and it is part of their sustainability agenda.

And so that future children can follow the footsteps of the Inca, the Inkaterra group lays a large focus on the conservation and storytelling of Inca history.

Especially two of their properties, which lay in the former center of the Inca, have many heart-stopping and unique experiences on hand, to fascinate even the most skeptical traveler for the Inca.

Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba is a magical place.

A journey to the Sacred Valley

Traditional villages, indigenous people and local projects are combined at Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba. Those who spend the night here, really gets to experience Peru’s authenticity first hand. The building was constructed with local materials and combines the old Peru with the new, modern Peru.

Local Peruvian cuisine is a large focus for Inkaterra.

A huge highlight is the food! Thus, the ingredients for the traditional Peruvian meals are not from far away, but directly from the own farm! Inkaterra is confident of their farm-totable menu and loves to delight their guests with local Peruvian cuisine.

And if you want to get real close to the Incan food traditions, you can make the local drink Chicha de Jora during an excursion – of course including harvesting, fermenting and finally enjoying the drink!


Would you suspect this gorgeous place in the middle of the vivid city of Cusco?

Center stage with Peruvian culture

Cusco is on almost every travel itinerary – and it should! Especially the combination of old buildings and modern plazas make the capitol to an interesting travel destination. During the day, stroll through traditional, colorful markets and enjoy a delicious glass of wine in one of the modern bars at night.

Very central and in the middle of this upcoming city is Inkaterra La Casona, a former colonial manor house from the 16th century. Many things were upheld in their traditional manner, the original design is apparent all over and simply complemented by contemporary comforts. Architecture lovers will especially love this place!

At Inkaterra La Casona, you will always find a piece of tradition.

Guides personally take you to Pisac, or take you on a tour to the surrounding ruins. Horse-lovers can experience an unforgettable riding out through the Sacred Valley and everyone who wants to experience a real village, visit Chinchereo and experience the traditional life that makes Peru so unique, up close and personal.

What would be the first culture experience you would want to experience?