Green Travel and Blogging

Friederike blogs on Pretty Days about sustainable (travel) topics and everything else that is pretty. In this guest article, she shares her thoughts on the blogger’s responsibility and her personal green travel resolutions for 2016.

I am firmly convinced that as a blogger, one has a role model function no matter how large or small the reach is.

Thanks to the internet, we can inform ourselves about everything and everyone – and a large part if this information is contributed by bloggers. We have developed from inactive consumers to active users, who like to share their own knowledge and their experiences more and more.

In general, a great thing, as knowledge does not diminish when it’s shared – the contrary! But one should always be conscious that that, what we write is read – and thus has an extent of responsibility, especially as a blogger.

Friederike’s resolution for 2016 is to think how to travel even more green.

Who am I?

When growing up, we probably all ask ourselves the same, big question:

Who am I and who do I want to be?

Who starts to write a blog, this questions follows seamlessly: „What do I want to (and what can I) write about?“ Like in real life, the answer is a progress. My blog is all about the „pretty things in life“ – and thereby green topics play an increasing important role. My grandma always preached „quality instead of quantity“ – and what I did not want to hear as a teenager, I would agree with immediately today.

Less is more
Less is more – Friederike’s grandma already said that!

We have to make so many decisions today, like no other generation has before. Even though I am far away from doing everything (seemingly) right, I still want to offer suggestions, how „quality instead of quantity“ – so, more sustainability – is integratabtle into the daily life. Without the moral pointing finger, but with a consciousness that the small things can make a big difference.

Against all prejudices, I want to show that it is not that difficult to live a bit more „green“ – but it is especially important to me to prove that one does not have to restrict oneself for it.

I am convinced that everyone who lives more sustainable, wins much joy of living!

And also that it is never too late, to decide on a more conscious lifestyle.

To think a little bit more about green travel is on the top of Friederike’s list for 2016.

Resolution for 2016: More Green Travel

On my list of good resolution list for 2016, attending even more to the topic „green travel“ this year is capitalized! Because no, one does not have to skip airplane travel and only do bike tours from now on. But it cannot hurt to make oneself aware, what kind of burden our modern travel lifestyle means for the world – and to look, in which areas of each vacation one can make more sustainable decisions.

Therefore, I want to share a few tips, how each vacation turns a little bit more „green“ in a blink of an eye.

On the internet, there is plenty green inspiration!

Tip 1: Get inspired, before choosing your destination. There are many great websites like Green Pearls and a lot of „fair travel bloggers“ like Hollightly or The Incidental Tourist, who have valuable tips, in which corners of the world green travel is done especially well.

Tip 2: You already know where you are heading towards? No problem! Besides green corners, every city also has green accommodations, restaurants and activities to offer. One just has to look for these sometimes – but believe me, thinking outside of the box concerning regular platforms and travel websites are worth it!

Tip 3: When packing your suitcase, think of „fair fashion“ – they are available from chic to functional clothing. Moreover, a cloth bag and a reusable bottle also belong in the suitcase. Also, cosmetic products do not have to be bought in travel sizes for each trip. Reusable tubes and jars not only protect the environment, but also your cash.

Green City
Many cities also have green heart – you just have to find it!

Tip 4: Concerning transport, one should question it during arrival and departure, but also on site. Does it have to be the airplane or does a train get me to my destination, too? Can I reach it by bus instead of the taxi? Can I maybe reach some places by bike or by foot?

Tip 5: Eyes wide open when choosing an accommodation: what often seems to be a standard for us, is not in many other countries. There are unfortunately still many hotels that do not take issues like saving water and energy, the use of local products etc that seriously, as they should. Therefore, a detailed look onto the website or platforms that certify green places is worth it. Demand determines the quotation – also in the hotel business. Let us point the way: for less plastic plates, overfilled buffets where half is wasted and so much more!

Tip 6: When choosing activities on site, it is recommendable to talk to locals! They often not only have the best tips, but also know which family companies offer which program. This way, you get to know the city much better than on a hop-on-hop-off bus and at the same time make sure that the money from tourism goes there, where it belongs.

Good Food_s
Food is an important part of travel, but also of sustainability.

Tip 7: Food and vacation simply belong together! Steer clear of large chains and look around at farmer’s markets, ask for local specialties in restaurants and try to taste many local products!

Believe me – green travel makes you sustainably happy!