5 Green Places for Solo Travelers

Either you love it, or your hate it: February 14th. When everything turns rose-colored, the flower shops are in high-season and you are overwhelmed with chocolate hearts everywhere, many people simply just roll with their eyes.

Especially for singles, this day tends to lead to gushing refusal and they call the day lovingly “Single Awareness Day”. We say: time for oneself is a very important factor for a conscious and well-being life – no matter if on a daily basis or during traveling.

Thus, we offer you 5 advantages being alone and 5 matching green places, to visit.

Amaya Beach, Passikudah, Sri Lanka
A full package, without compromises: Amaya Beach, Passikudah, Sri Lanka

1. No compromises

One of the best things while traveling alone is that you do not have to make any compromises at all! One day just at the beach? Certainly! An evening with a delicious, indulging traditional dinner with regional ingredients? Yummy! A facial and an aroma therapy massage right after each other? Oh yes! At Amaya Beach & Spa Resort in Sri Lanka, all this is possible in one roof. Here you can design the day, just as you want!

Get excited for many great moments with other travelers at El Albergue in Peru.

2. More open towards others

Probably, you already have noticed it yourself: when you travel with someone, you are always on the go with him. Sure, you also may get to know new people, but if your are just on your own, conversations with other guests happen much quicker. And this is when fascinating conversations and new horizons happen! In El Albergue in Peru, close of the city Cusco, you can take part in an authentic farm experience and cook your own lunch together with other guests. The result is enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere together, with a view onto the surrounding scenery – great conversation is guaranteed.

5010 Schindelbruch abwechslungsreiche Wanderwege
In the Harz region around Naturresort Schindelbruch, there are many great surroundings to discover.

3. Experience surroundings more intense

No distractions through various conversations, only you and your thoughts! Maybe it is a bit unusual at first, but when you walk through the streets or the forest alone, you will experience is much more intense! The Naturresort Schindelbruch lays in midst of the Harz region, with many exciting hiking trails that await you. Discover the nature treasures of the region consciously, such as the biosphere reserve or the Barbarossa Cave. The best part: you do something for your fitness and decompress from the daily stress.

Pavilions Himalayas Gras
Face new challenges in Nepal at The Pavilions Himalaya.

4. Overcome fears

It is not easy, to become aware of your fears and then also admit to them. When one is alone, one is pressured to confront them and in the end to conquer them. You always wanted to travel to a far away place? Then pack your bags and head to Nepal to  The Pavilions Himalaya. Hike at (or over!) the Himalaya mountains or spring though the Nepalese rivers in a water raft. The possibilities are endless. You will return as a new, more confident person!

An oasis of peace and self-reflection – CGH Earth Coconut Lagoon.

5. Discover yourself

It is all about you! Much to often, do we forget who we actually are and consciously decide for time together with family and friends. But especially when you are on your own, you get to know yourself the best. Your strengths and weaknesses become clear. At CGH Earth Coconut Lagoon, you can do exactly that – and very intense according to Ayurveda principles. The Ayurveda Center offers you the basis, the tasteful Indian cuisine ensures your well-being and the picturesque environment takes care of the rest to relax. Treat yourself and your self a break from the daily grind, reflect only on that, what is important and find out, how to design your life consciously and well-balanced.