Preserving and Protecting Peru: Inkaterra

Colorful plants, lively birds and beautiful butterflies – the biodiversity of Peru is pretty impressive. Travelers seeking that special nature experience combining authentic preservation and sightings of glorious flora and fauna, will need to add Peru to their travel bucket list.

Did you know that since 1993, the natural resources and the variety of ecosystems are recorded as a national heritage in Peru’s constitution?

Almost 16% of the country’s land is thereby protected by the government – how amazing is that! This includes the Manú biosphere reserve (also a UNESCO world heritage site) as well as the mountain areas of the Andes, among others.

In order to preserve and protect Peru’s nature wonders, Inkaterra has founded an association.

Preservation and protection of Peru’s natural wonders is also close to the heart of Inkaterra. In 2001, NGO Inkaterra Association was founded, in order to support conservation, research, educational and social development programs. Through the support of these researches, one step more towards the protection of Peru’s biodiversity is made.

The best part: travelers can learn about the projects and experience these natural wonders personally at each of the Inkaterra Hotels.

The Spectacled Bear is the only bear that is native to South America.

The Spectacled Bear Rescue Project

There is only one bear species native to South America: the Spectacled Bear. Overall, the spectacled bears’ population is scarce and needs attention. Which is why the Inkaterra Association hosts five bears in a Spectacled Bear Rescue Center at Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel.

At the rescue center, bears are recused and rehabilitated, while at the same time trying to work on a reproduction and reinsertion program. Travelers can meet bear Yogui, who was rescued from captivity or Kina and Yossi who were rescued from a circus, among others. Learning about these impressive mammals is included in the stay at the hotel and will last for 1/4 of a day.

Travelers with a fascination for wildlife will discover many things at Tambopata reserve.

Wildlife at Tambopata Reserve

A true world record can be experienced right in Tambopata Reserve. No where else will travelers see more bird species in a day, than here. Parrots, toucans, tamarins, butterflies… the list of wildlife goes on endlessly. Through research, more and more new species are found constantly, keeping in mind to protect their native habitat and making Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica a true wildlife wonderland.

At no other place in the world, will travelers be able to discover so many different birds, than here.

Starting with a walk at Lake Sandoval, the full-day excursion commences with a hike through the reserve, surrounded by lush vegetation and wildlife. After a lunch stop at Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción, more than 200 medical plants are discovered.

Only one of 372 orchid species that travelers will encounter!

Orchids to last a lifetime

372 is the number of different – and native! – orchids located around Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel. There, researchers are constantly on the lookout for new native species to add to the list of orchids in Peru, where more than 10% of Orchid species can be found worldwide.


These magical flowers exist in all colors and sizes – from the largest orchid flower in the world all the way to the smallest orchid that can only be seen through a magnifying glass! The Orchid Trail is a perfect excursion for flower lovers but also a secret tip for photographers looking for that special nature scene.

Peru’s flora and fauna is full of fascinating and exciting discoveries that need to be preserved and protected. Find out more about Inkaterra’s specific commitments to preservation here.