10 Tips to be a Traveler at Home

When you think of traveling, you probably think of far countries and foreign cultures, like the traditions in Sol Beach House in Bali or of your culinary experiences in Peru. Often, while traveling to far away countries, we forget that our home, whether city or village, also has much to offer. Here I give you 10 tips how to be a traveler at home – and I guarantee you: you will fall in love with your home all over again. (And have some great hotspots to share the next time you get visitors!)

1. Consciously get to know your area

How well do you know your own area? On an afternoon, go outside and just start walking. Walk through the streets of your area and look around consciously. This time around, you do not have to hurry to catch a bus or quickly need something from the organic bakery. Take your time and see, what has changed. And if you get lost: do not worry, that is mostly the time when you find the most extraordinary places!

Before checking out your hometown, look for other people’s opinions in blogs, magazine and travel books. (Photo: Inkaterra)

2. Do your research

What do you do, when you get itchy feet for a new travel destination? Right, research! Whether travel books, magazines or blogs – everyone looks for those special places that “no one knows about”. Do the same for your home, too! Buy a travel book on your area, look for secret tips in your hometown on blogs. Believe me, sometimes, tourists know more than the people living in the city!

Simply jump on a bike and discover a whole new area. (Photo: Haidl-Madl)

3. Ride to the other side

In our home, we often stay in parts that we are familiar with. Jump onto your bike, take your favorite person and ride to a part of your home that you have not been to yet (or very rarely). Look for a great cafe, take a walk in the park or discover the historical sights. The city gets a total different view, after you have done this.

Go to the weekly market and discover local jams or look for exciting events in your region.(Photo: Creativhotel Luise)

4. Markets and events

One thing that I love doing outside the country: visit local markets and events. And even if you maybe do visit the weekly market regularly to shop for fresh goods, why not check out what other kind of markets exist. Especially flea markets are great for a Saturday or Sunday, just to stroll through. Research, which events are coming up in your area – you will be surprised what your city has to offer!

Hike through the local forest, just like you did with your parents.  (Photo: Schwarzwald Panorama)

5. Re-discover old memories

There are many places, which we connect with great memories. But much to seldom do we return – why is that? Take a trip to the forest, in which you always took Sunday afternoon walks with your parents, eat in the restaurant where you had your first date and visit the area of your first apartment. Memories are re-discovered and several places will still be very nice today!

Utopian_Retreats_Extra_15 Kopie
Surely, there is a delicious Paella just like in Spain at Utopian Retreats in your area!

6. Different cultures at home

In many countries there is a multi-cultural society, in which every culture brings in something from itself. Each place becomes very fascinating and offers great discoveries. In Frankfurt for example, I discovered a small Portuguese store that bakes the best Pasta de Natas that I have ever had outside of Portugal. Surely, there is a part of Asia, Afrika or South America hidden in your hometown – find it!

Berlin Fernsehturm
Be a tourist for one day: discover your capital or a big city!

7. Tourist for a day

How many of the sights in your home have you seen? Take a trip to a large city (or to the capitol) of your country and play tourist for a day. Visit all the sights that are on all top 10 lists you can find and find out, why! Sometimes, the tourist attractions actually can be quite fascinating!

Ohne Titel Kopie
Support local projects, like here in Thailand, but also back home! (Photo: Zeavola Resort)

8. Support local projects

While traveling sustainably, we pay attention that we support local projects and strengthen local communities. Why not do this in your own country? Inform yourself of exciting projects, where you can help and do good in your home.

Especially on weekends you can discover new places around the area, such as the Spreewald (Photo: Strandhaus Spreewald)

9. Weekend-Getaways

A weekend to Milan? For a few days to the Spreewald? Especially within the own country there are many and great travel destinations that can be done in a weekend. Plan visits to nearby places in between large vacations – it gives you not only a break from the daily stress, but also a new view onto the home country.

Do, what you do on vacation: photos! (Photo: Tongsai Bay)

10. Make the memories last

Before you do tips 1 through 9, take along one important thing: a camera. Whether it is a professional dslr or the smart phone – take a photo. On vacation, we take so many photos to remember, which we forget to do back home. Make the memories of your hometown last – they are worth it!

When was the last time you were a traveler in your own hometown? What is your personal tip for your city?